• Spice up your Relationship.

    How to spice up your Relationship?

    Relationship, it’s not only having the butterflies in the stomach or having fluttering heart just to ponder with every inch of each other. Even, it’s not about the souls struggling with the reasons to connect, that ends over the wrinkled sheets hiding the vacillation of the relationship couple. It’s not just a feeling or bond that you share from the invigorating rays to snuggly under the sympathetic spilled light moon. It’s something swinging and driving towards blooming with full of commitment, understanding, and the presence of that loyal vibe to find a way to connect with each other yet, self-awareness is elevated. No wonder, there comes a time in any…

  • Dysfunctional Family.
    Life Style

    Dysfunctional family: Growing up in a dysfunctional family.

    Whenever she shares the sip of caffeine validating the whole universe under the twinkling sky, the conversation ends with, “Why my family is dysfunctional?” She’s filled with trepidation about visiting home. And tired of facing the same regular endless arguments that end on the blame game. Actually, sometimes….the loud scene!! The Reality: Me and Spotlight Are you filled with the dread thought of going home? Or, else you feel neglected around your own people, kind of unaddressed fear, furious one…!! It seems everyone claims to be from a dysfunctional family. (The short brief of Her is explained here.) And the rest of the souls are wondering trying to win the…

  • Relationships

    Have you ever fallen in love with a Stranger ?

     Love with Stranger or its Just Infatuation?   https://bit.ly/2XHTpj3 “Falling in love with STRANGER, makes you believe in Supernatural things.”   Falling in love is normal. And if you are single it means you are preparing for your next relationship. Or else on the way of falling for a stranger.   But falling for a stranger is something that one should allow to do. And even it’s true that at some point in our life we experience falling for a stranger, honestly- “ I think everyone does that.”😉   It’s natural phenomena and sounds exhilarating to fall in love with a new person, whom you barely know where you will…

  • Relationship

    Relationship: The Millionaire one.

    Addiction to loving each other gets better when it comes from both sides.  with whom you think you have a millionaire relationship ?? Hold on, I am not talking about the millions and millions in the relationship. Or the relationship with rich people rather I’m talking about, the relationship which you think you have a great amounting and repercussion. Before getting more deeper, let’s understand the meaning of this “millionaire relationship.” Well, there is not an exact definition but though if you ask me, my experience will describe it as “ the smooth relationship built on the thread of trust, love, and respect where there is no pretending from both…


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