Relationship: The Millionaire one.

Millionaire Relationship

Addiction to loving each other gets better when it comes from both sides.

 with whom you think you have a millionaire relationship ??

Hold on,
I am not talking about the millions and millions in the relationship.
Or the relationship with rich people rather I’m talking about, the relationship which you think you have a great amounting and repercussion.
Before getting more deeper, let’s understand the meaning of this “millionaire relationship.”
Well, there is not an exact definition but though if you ask me, my experience will describe it as “ the smooth relationship built on the thread of trust, love, and respect where there is no pretending from both side, where you are allowed to be yourself with all due regards meanwhile which is influencing you towards positiveness.” 
It can be with your spouse, friends, colleagues, yourself, or with your pet.
But we mostly hear, having with parents that can be true.
But at the same time, It’s not compulsory to have a millionaire relationship with only your parents. There can be more than one bonding, but some people prefer their love towards parents as millionaire relationships meanwhile there comes a time where they shift their tag of “millionaire relationship” on other’s head, and those innocent parents get a place in old age home.
I don’t know why people hate to be true might be the reason behind it is “pretending and showcase is in trend” to overvalue oneself.
If you don’t think you have a great relationship with your parents then speak out. And try to resolve the issues or fill out that misunderstanding gap rather than lying. 
But before getting into any kind of relationship or in bonding you have to be “yourself”.
Realizing yourself is quite a long journey in any kind of relationship but not so difficult.
Don’t make yourself completely drowned out in any relationship which is quite making you lose your own identity. UnrevealedThoughts
The conflict of getting completely swamped into the relationship doesn’t start with the current scenario (partners).
It starts long before when we were children, and we have been taught of giving ourselves away to any relationship probably learned from our parents at a shallow age.
And our parents probably learned it from their respected parents. So we have this wicked cycle that just keeps rotating itself where people are compelled to dedicate themselves to a relationship.
And eventually, there comes a point where they forget and even probably don’t realize who they are and what they want from that relationship. What is the real age of Maturity?
The obligation of giving yourself makes you unknowingly dependent.
And the way to get out of the co-dependent relationships or thinking is to be yourself. The journey of realizing yourself is quite long but not so difficult.
Being yourself means prioritizing your individuality which is quite incessant. And relates to realizing your likes and dislikes, wants, and desires and stop pleasing others unnecessarily.
Because if you are empty definitely you will be unable to even help.
I might sound weird and full of selfishness but don’t forget “the empty brain never impart knowledge”. For imparting knowledge you have to be knowledgeable similarly for loving others and prioritizing others in your life you have to love and prioritize yourself first.

And talking about selfishness, probably the most selfishness would be if you limit your ability to do something that you want desperately and ignoring yourself. How to find self-fulfillment?

 “Helping others by sacrificing yourself seems respectful but up to when?” 
Let me remind you, nothing excessive is good not even sacrificing yourself.
Even there is an emphasized phrase “listen to everyone but do your own”.
Don’t be the one who is always sacrificing in your relationship. Or the one who is always the giver.
Respect, equality, and individuality are important if it comes from both halves. The relationship I am talking about is not only about the spouse or romantic relationship.
It’s about all with your family, colleagues, friends, and yeah pet because none of the co-dependent relationships is adjustable.
Therefore for me, the most millionaire relationship is with “myself”. Because if I’m available for me then only I can be available for my parents and so on. You can create your own #Millionaire relationship but just don’t let yourself down every time.
                                        Be independent rather than being dependent,
                                        you will commit mistakes on your way,
                                        but that mistakes will lead you on your,
                                                          right path.
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!UnrevealedThoughts
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