Have you ever fallen in love with a Stranger ?

 Love with Stranger or its Just Infatuation?


falling in love with stranger
“Falling in love with STRANGER, makes you believe in Supernatural things.”
Falling in love is normal. And if you are single it means you are preparing for your next relationship. Or else on the way of falling for a stranger.
But falling for a stranger is something that one should allow to do.
And even it’s true that at some point in our life we experience falling for a stranger, honestly- “ I think everyone does that.”😉
It’s natural phenomena and sounds exhilarating to fall in love with a new person, whom you barely know where you will feel excited and completely smitten with their presence.
Whom you just have given a look or twice a look.😍 
And I think we all have one individual in our group who manages to look after one to the next. UnrevealedThoughts
Falling in love is the best voyage of life. And we can fall for different people as soon as the last one didn’t work out.
But Falling in love on today’s day, is just you need to believe you are in LOVE.
The more you interact, you will be more likely to meet your match, and the more you will dig deeper to understand this word.
Crossing the path with a stranger is a strange happening where the love is at its magical peak.
It could be anyone like the person you felt a strong connection with on your trip or the one who smiles at you in a cafe from a far distance that you would love to join the same table and perhaps the same coffee. Or else it could be someone who helps you with your assignment and you would love to ask for his contact.
We feel like drowning in the air of imagination. With flying butterflies on the stomach.
And constantly hitting thought of contacting him, for an unknown reason. Where you just start getting amazed and wonder for him/her.
However, the thing we should never forget is, falling for strangers always comes with tremendous but beautiful. Relationship: The millionaire one.
It just the matter is we need to be careful. And well known for that stranger whom you really wanna be in a relationship with.
Because it’s necessary after some point, to understand either it’s infatuation or seriously you wanna swallow it.
There is a vast difference between falling in love and being infatuated.
So, before looking forward it’s better to clear yourself “what is it that you are feeling” and “what you are expecting further ?”
Everyone has a different definition of love just similar to the depth of everyone’s love varies.
And if you believe you are in a relationship then continue to love that person as long as it seems possible rather than being skeptical.
But when it comes to infatuation, people often fall for others very quickly and most of the time it results in lust.
Probably, the reason behind falling for that stranger is his/her physical appearance.
Or social status rather than for his peaceful satisfying soul.
But, it’s highly recommended and the best option to figure out whether it’s LOVE or LUST. In a relationship with a narcissist.
Well, I’m not saying falling for a stranger is wrong. 
You can try until you find a person worth loving. But at the same time, the intoxication feeling of infatuation is still exciting.
And like a burning strong desire to have something (lust).
It will be all up to you either you wanna tell that person what is going on or else you prefer to move on.
As falling for a stranger is not the best option in most of cases. So, it’s quite relevant to forget and move on because infatuation only lasts until you satisfy the reason behind that.
Therefore, until and unless you decide your connection with that person as whole chemistry.  It’s just you are experiencing is most likely to be infatuation rather than being in love.
Lastly, you can fall in love many times not only with some random guy. But the thing that matters is finding someone worth loving, in this day and age where love is under a GAME.😊 UnrevealedThoughts
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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