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The stigma of being SLIM.

There are no body ideals but still, we promote them through different mediums. The tall, the slim, the ratio, the V-shape, the standard construction, and many more offer the acceptance gap. The BODY talk is associated with the insecurities that we offer irrespective of being slimmer or chubby.

Honestly, I do not know at what age I was taught to love but definitely can remember at what age I was taught to hate myself. Growing up, I gained the height but I didn’t gain the weight. And, there I fall under the skinny category. We as a society have different categories for different body shapes. We have a scale of perfection and the slight inclination on either side is unwanted. I’m sure if my body could talk, it would choose to scream. Scream on every faces that just walks away giving us a bunch of insecurities.


  • You are too SLIM, increase your intake!
  • Strangers asking, do you even EAT?
  • You might blow away, it’s windy outside!
  • Famous for being SLIM.
  • And, the frequent one that I often being told, You must have an eating disorder.

These are the few lines that come straight to my face. At the root of all this lay the huge growth of societal expectations that demanded me to be PERFECT SIZED. And, I still don’t understand what it means. I do have moments in the mirror trying to be kinder towards my growing physique but I cannot. I cannot because I have absorbed enormous amounts of criticism and hatred for being SLIM.

Never felt happy and self-sufficient within me even though I tried my best to hide every imperfection. Not the body and the mind but the people were kind enough to remind me. And, all this went so deep into me causing distress and hiding from interactions. Every day was a massive struggle trying to gain a few. But the struggle resulted opposite to gain enhancing my emotional discomfort. Unrevealed Thoughts

And on the other side, the concept of  THIN PRIVILEGE  was working as sarcasm and taunt for all the body types. All this laughable thing was serving only the stress and body issues. I hated the words and their reflection in the mirror. The conscious me was pulling me down every day a little more trying to adjust with filters to fit in the “desired size.”


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They say the darkest hours are just before dawn and in those darkest hours, I found myself saying-YOU ARE GOOD!!

I’m not the first person experiencing this and having body issues. But the best part is CHANGES happened. You explore and you learn. You learn to appreciate if you cannot love and that’s enough. I cannot change my shade but definitely, can accept. I realized accepting myself is more important than seeking acceptance from others.

Today, when I write my experiences and share stories, I hear the same trauma wrapped in different forms. The shades are different but the fidgety to stress you is similar. I hear the stories leading to body dysmorphia, losing self-worth, and acceptance problems. The rush to fit in the demanded size makes us learn every wrong norm in the name of beauty standards which is absolutely baseless. But it’s high time to break the walls of consciousness towards a gain or lose.

It’s ME-against the whole norms,

From not liking myself to appreciating my presence is an incessant journey. Today, I’m happy. I’m obsessed with my brown shade, curls, and slim curve. I’m happy with the scar that I’ve below my breast bone. I wear shorts, crops and I flaunt. Also, I do not force myself to SHAVE my legs or armpits on the days I don’t want. I’m preoccupied to honor my entire appearance. Not shaving my legs.

I’m sure everyone has had one of those moments of questions or issues. Every one of us is somewhere at war against the family, relatives, and fake social media updates. It’s completely fair to fight for yourself. Eventually, it’s your choice but realizing and accepting nothing can be perfect is an achievement and that’s where the healing begins.

You may hate your skin, the thigh gap, the cellulite, the hair, the scars but all that’s the form of hate learned from society. They won’t teach you to love yourself but definitely, point out every meaningful art that is perfect in its real sense. It’s rare to find the courage of acceptance in a society that teaches the NORMAL shade as an abnormality, capitalizing on the body.

You are YOU,

Therefore,  take a moment today to realize that body-shaming is not OK. This ultimately damages your worth which is potentially irreversible. It is You and your responsibility to love your spectacular art. You are YOU and that’s your SUPERPOWER. You’re Beautiful.

Also, it’s normal to have awful days, and normal to have weight fluctuations. But it’s not normal to not appreciate the hard dust curvy body. You’ve been on this journey with me. I share my emotions with you and I understand how trembling it feels when a stranger also the family comments hate.

Your body is your HOME. Don’t hate that innocent pottery whose only fault is to define you. Forgive yourself for every pinch of hate. Learn to honor, because your body doesn’t care, it’s manipulated you that wants the change. Stop defining yourself by numbers, inches, and pounds.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing. Instagram

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