Her Journey

  • Emotions
    Her Journey

    I can only ADVICE myself!

    Advice, It was Friday Summer evening, a week after my SEE Board.  I cloudly remember his face and words. He was there for a family gathering but complained about me to my mother. She attentively listened to him as his words guided my mother to restrict me. His gaze bore into me followed by a phrase “You should start being stricter with her, otherwise in no time she will slip right there. Be careful about your respectability.” Being honest with himself, he advised me not to roam late at night, not to make male friends, and to follow what my cousins were doing. His words reverberated across the room as…

  • Slim.
    Her Journey

    The stigma of being SLIM.

    There are no body ideals but still, we promote them through different mediums. The tall, the slim, the ratio, the V-shape, the standard construction, and many more offer the acceptance gap. The BODY talk is associated with the insecurities that we offer irrespective of being slimmer or chubby. Honestly, I do not know at what age I was taught to love but definitely can remember at what age I was taught to hate myself. Growing up, I gained the height but I didn’t gain the weight. And, there I fall under the skinny category. We as a society have different categories for different body shapes. We have a scale of…

  • Stigma behind not shaving.
    Her Journey

    The stigma behind not shaving my legs.

    Shaving is not my thing. YES, I don’t shave and I had confronted this multiple times. I stand in the shower and enjoy the water drops marking the edge between the hairs. Within me, it raises the level of the epitome of romance. That’s only the place where I don’t get judged for having hairy armpits or legs. I’ve confronted and even after that, people expect me to hold the razor of leading ad so I can wear the shorts, skirts, and sleeveless. Multiple times, they pointed toward my hairy legs saying that makes them embarrassed. To this, it has given me insight into why body hair is considered dirt…

  • Male privilege
    Her Journey

    Is Male Privilege Real?

    I understand it’s difficult to admit your privilege is real when you have allocated to very-very little despite it. If you don’t have to think about it, it’s a privilege that you have. And, the male privilege is something like that. Meanwhile, having privilege doesn’t mean your life isn’t hard but the thing is not for the bare minimum things that most of the people around you are battling for. And, this is very substantial, my dear. Male privilege, the advantages that are available to men or male members solely based on their sexual identity. In short, the identity that won’t be the reason for your difficulties as ours. And,…

  • Her Journey

    What does period pain feel like?

    Wholeheartedly, this blog is self-expression. The talk that I make with my heart and mind during my bleeding days, the period pain. I’m not gonna write about the hormonal changes, and the changing phase causing the lining of the uterus to build up. To all intents and purposes, I’m here to share this segment of life that actually feels like “installment on a monthly basis.” I’m extremely enmesh that I’m using such a word, after all, I greeted my red-lining while account practice. Something like a red carpet, and actually it is, your panties get the red spot or just the heavy flow. Well, if you want to read some…

  • Violence
    Her Journey

    The Marital Rape: Right to bodily integrity.

    One major reason why this prevails is because of the continuation of such practices for a long time. And, the silent mouth never jumps the desk to speak, no one goes against it. Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock is a culturally recognized union between people, called spouses. It establishes rights and obligations between them, as well as between them and their in-laws. Though it defines the establishment of rights and obligations. In reality, that comes with the box filled with limitations for her and not for him. Female masturbation is no longer taboo. This society inherently follows the idea of marriage that comes with handing over deeply entrenched never-ending continuous sexual consent…

  • Cleavage to sleeveless
    Her Journey

    The Line Between Cleavage To Sleeveless.

    The Line Between Cleavage To Sleeveless defames more, presently. Don’t you all feel trapped? Inside this fascinating counterfeit world bounded by restrictions. Unable to perform the things that make conscious sense to your existence. Something like “not allowed” feeling hopeless. Some days like barely willing to get out of bed as if there are lumps all over there. Everything seems perfect. And the future seems certain yet uncertain for the ambitious soul who wants to write every page as the paradigm. She feels trapped-drained surrounded by lethargic stereotypes. The term insomnia is an excuse to all those who aimlessly ignored the voice, that gets place under the blank and silent…

  • Happy Women's Day.
    Her Journey

    Happy Women’s Day: A Letter to Phenomenal Her.

    Hey Victorious Rising Soul, I know you have oodles of worries on your shoulders, but my dear, it’s all your Sunshine. So, let’s serve a sip of your favorite drink and read this. I hope this will surely gonna bring a glow over your reddish cheeks. Before delving onto, Let me take a few seconds. Actually, minutes because I wanna wish you in a sublime way-awe-inspiring. Speaking Again, Your worth is not in the things you do. Your worth lies in the Love and care you serve from morning vigorous sip to late-night hug with a “Goodnight.” For this reason, The Reality: Me and Spotlight Happy International Women’s Day, Celebrating…

  • The passion of a young girl to choose the desired spotlight by all her hardwork.
    Her Journey

    The Reality: Me and Spotlight.

    The presence of a soul in the spotlight is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s another Year, Yet, my combat is on the initial phase, the dissenting one. Dates changed, the hashtag of New Year-New Me is there on my wall. But the thing that’s still the same is my battle. One-sided battle to make every “YOU” understand “let me bloom…!” (The Reality: Me and Spotlight.”) New Year acts as a motivator. The things gonna change and asking to be hopeful but that’s even irrelevant for the soul who’s fighting the same war for the last 22 years. It may gonna sound wretched and kind of dismal-but the hope for change is…

  • Her Journey

    What does it feel to be Harassed?

    Thoughts come and go – like clouds but some turn to be tempest – like a storm. It’s not necessary to visit the rough patch for getting thoughts – the intense one !! (What does it feel to be Harassed?) You can get it just by sitting on your couch holding your favorite drink. Or else, all of sudden on the silent night or busy and loud hulking night. It holds the power of changing your whole perception towards a particular thing-incident or else a person. And, the word harassed or assaulted is the one. Thoughts are the statement that we generate from our brain and feelings are the emotions…


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