About Sidhi ( Puja)

Hi there,

I’m the creator of this journeyofpg.com, who strongly believes in self-exploration and learning in every phase of life, lives in the city of NEPAL.

This one is the place where you will find a blog about relationships, physical development, and communication. You will find the way of self-exploration, happiness, peace, and many meaningful ideas that will surely gonna help you on the steps of your LIFE.

I have always had an enormous passion for writing not only my story, in fact collecting the experiences from the people giving them the way to understand life, and bringing it in front of you!!

The reason for creating this PLACE is to share inspirational experiences, living content, aspects of life, and solution to problems. Moreover to make a better place for me and you all to share and learn.

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Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing.


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