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  • Ally for equality.
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    Become an ally for equality.

    Ally for equality, this is a huge phrase. Offering to help, or pay, or behaving gently in the name of chivalry is not becoming an ally. These are the very minimum possession for yourself not for anyone. Presently, I don’t think we need the clarification considering the male stakes all over the world treating females as inferior in one or other ways. And, naming the bare minimum of inclusivity as becoming an ally to equality is the most hypocritical thing ever heard. We witness the dominating nature of each other irrespective of gender. We tend to blame each other when a problem arises. Pointing fingers and making excuses is the…

  • Love Yourself.
    Self Help

    Learning to Love Yourself.

    Honestly, I will never stop falling in LOVE. Whether that is to love me or something around me. Learning to Love Yourself is a whole new process to value yourself. But we all are surrounded by the idea of others’ love or the commercialized one. Instead of exploring what we need deep-down, we are settling for some rom-com expectations that look like an illusion. Unrevealed Thoughts After long cross swords, today, I am here expressing myself. I believe one should be able to choose the happiness, self-time, and environment they want to vibe. In short, choose yourself every time. Give yourself the validation you seek. And for this, the saying…

  • Splitting Bills
    Self Help

    How to figure out Splitting Bills?

    With people, there are different perceptions when it comes to splitting the bills.  I have seen people dependent upon their partner while some touched with the chapter of equality trying to bring change. Whether, it’s an engaged relationship, friendship, or just the normal hangout, there remains the term partnership. And, as you’re involved in that relationship of partnership, both parties need to be involved in the finance. I know, this seems quite perplexing for the instant moment as we are not normalized by this culture. But honestly, splitting bills is drama-free. Unrevealed Thoughts There’s a particular topic that seems to get arise whenever we are on a date or just…

  • Unsolicited opinion.
    Self Help

    Unsolicited Opinions From Random people.

    The opinion is a statement or judgment formed about something apart from the fact. And, unsolicited opinions, the statement is often given whether we want them or not. Unfortunately, the second one is immensely popular without realizing the negative spin. Let’s begin with my chapter. Down the memory lane, I’m a fairly brown girl. I have curls and well defined small waist and rounded bottom and a little more than to wafer-thin, willowy. Growing up, I was the talk of my family. Especially, for being brown and thin. Every visited guest would knock me and make fun of me. They also advised randomly. And, this continued for long years. The…

  • Complicated Life
    Self Help

    Why is Life Complicated for you?

    The most complicated thing in life is to not feel complicated. In the same vein, the most complicated skill is to be simple. We live in a world where everything seems straight above forward but in reality, there’s inevitable change inviting sudden breakdown and collapse.    The problem arises naturally without knocking on your door. Meanwhile, solutions require our attention, cogitation, and acumen to decode them. Rightly, the problem arises but there are ways we actually make our life harder on ourselves. And, that is more often. Stretching is a common problem either it’s friendship band or the thread of prolonged conversation, we over-scrutinize. Life is simple. But often simple…

  • Compassion: Cultivate the compassion you need!
    Self Help

    Compassion: Cultivate the compassion you need!!

    Oxford Dictionary describes Compassion as “Sympathetic pity and concern for the Misfortune of others.” The mind of people perceives the word compassion as empathy, sympathy, pity, concern, and many more that belong to the feeling associated with others. But, compassion is way more than that. It’s not about other’s misfortune, it’s rather an action on that feeling. People can feel the pain & suffering of others but there are very few who understand the pain and put themselves in the place of suffering’s one. But let’s not talk about Compassion as a physical or mental concept. Let’s take it to the Spiritual level. It’s not always about understanding the feeling. It…

  • Self Help

    How to date yourself in 5 different ways?

    Sometimes you need to build a great relationship with you. And for that, you don’t need to look for the respective partner. Here’s the way to date yourself. I’ve written before about The Art of Living Single. , which is all about the ways of enjoying your single life. Single life is actually not boring as people have made a certain perception about it. You may want to find a great guy to share your life but it’s a long journey in itself. You can’t find a good partner at the same time you desired. Until then, take a break from chasing and giving your time and attention to them…

  • Self Help

    Hidden Emotional scars speak the Most.

    It’s not compulsory to see the person associated with your scars or hidden scars. A little resemblance is enough to make you live the whole plot. Because the hidden emotional scars speak the most. It was early August. Unrevealed Thoughts Where she confronted her wounds that were almost hidden scars now. She tried a lot to ignore but those tranquil nights and loud minds were enough. She doesn’t wanna blame those silent nights. No, never !! Because she can’t run from the night that she lived through a situation where her body-mind was not on her. Every hidden scar got visible once again, Every closed memory got an elevated focus…

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    How to stop saying SORRY?

    Just think, how many times you use the word SORRY on any random day. Probably four to five times a day. Well, that’s my calculation used to be. But we all need to stop saying Sorry. Do you think you have a tendency of apologizing unnecessarily ? OR, you are the person who bursts upon SORRY to end the required discussion because you don’t wanna hurt the opposite one. These scenarios are so familiar to us, as saying sorry is a common problem. And it has been noticed that women apologize a lot in comparison to males. The question is not who apologizes for how much. The raised question is,…

  • Self Help

    There’s only one way to know: SURVIVE!!!

    Every forty seconds a person on the earth commits suicide, according to WHO. Somewhere on the planet, someone died while you were reading the first sentence. It is scary, isn’t it? How many times has each of you heard something about life being precious? There’s only one way to know: survive, just take a look !! As many times as we assure ourselves that life is a one time deal and we ought to make the best out of it; bad things happen. In fact, they happen more than good things. And all of us sometimes have thoughts about everything wrong that is happening can vanish with a decision. I…


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