In a relationship with a narcissist.

In a relationship with a narcissist.
Have you ever come to realize that the person to whom you are dating, for the first time is a narcissist. And suddenly after a few talks, you left the table with half drink. 
Relationship with narcissist.
Well, today I thought to dedicate my blog dashboard to narcissism. In short, having a relationship with the narcissist one. How to find self-fulfillment?
Actually, narcissism is quite intolerable. And yeah I had experienced that but not leaving the table with a drink, it was fresh cold lime juice.
If you contemplate, no girls will love to have a relationship with a narcissistic one and it’s pretty good.  And yeah, no girl will love to be curled up on a ball on the floor every night with dry tears and hopeless expectations.
remember when he pulled the chair and asked me to sit, he started explaining his fascinating portrayed world where he was only there.
Maximum for 45 minutes, we shared the evening in a cafe. Decorated with Lavandula and its adorable fragrance. But after having a few casual and his long one-sided conversation, he made me quite clear about this puzzling word. His talks forced me to think and tag him as a narcissist. And I’m not feeling contrition about that anymore. 
Whatever we do at a time, becomes the incessant part of the voyage of life. Relationship: The millionaire one.
But the fact that should be considered is, the things which seem wrong to you, however, you are doing due to some helplessness or if you are living any relationship without your presence by soul, then your whole life can be difficult and horrible.
And the relationship with a narcissist(one who has a sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration of themselves) tends to be challenging.
As they think superior to others and usually have a mask of ultra-confidence. But behind the mask there lies insecurity, full of envy, fragile self-esteem, and so on.
Their words and the way of pretense can make you fall. But love and falling for him are two different things. It’s like you will be enmeshed but not in love. If your partner or “going to be a partner” is all about themselves and in search of attention then, for sure you are dating a narcissistic one.
Relationship with narcissist.
“Don’t let others, make you believe
that you are an imbalanced one.”
It’s sure I would never date or have any kind of relationship with anyone who will force me to change my choice of having myself, as he judged me for having lime juice.
I faced the narcissist. Therefore, it is imperative to educate myself and others. They can be very captivating at the beginning, will make you feel lucky to have him in your life. 
Later on, starts controlling your life. Partners should nurture their relationship rather than getting lash out and hurt to each other. 
Narcissism, Relationship with narcissist.
“Never let yourself fall apart,
so they can destroy you easily”
Narcissists don’t like to be alone but having them in your life makes you emotionally alone. You will go from being the perfect love partner of your life to nothing. UnrevealedThoughts
And suffer from receiving less and less than normal expectations. They will make you feel less competent and worthless. The hypersensitive behave injured them deeply with criticism and in return, they may cut others to build themselves.
And if it comes to abuse, then narcissistic abuse is soul-crushing and is deadly. They can go from domestic violence to emotional manipulation.
Flirting with others in front of you to having an intimate relationship, which will definitely impact your day to day functioning life. The lacks in themselves make them vulnerable with the unbeatable power of seeking attention.
No sooner, but yeah you will end up depleted mentally, physically, emotionally, and so on. And even get blamed for having no place in the relationship where the fault was not yours.
Even today I sit and wonder, how one can hold the feeling of greatness. And greatness in that level probably, he has so dug up in his world that even morning mirror acknowledge his fake identity and world rather than his messed up but colorful and meaningful world.
You can take a break and can think about it if you are in a relationship with such. And if it comes with yes, then it’s high time to re-think before making yourself vulnerable.
And losing somewhere on proving and protecting the so-called relationship.
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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