Green flags in relationship.

What are the green flags in a relationship?

Throughout all the context, the “Green Flags” means to begin, to reframe, to look positive, to communicate, and to hold each other, and so on. We have talked about Red-Flags in the last blog post. So today, we are here with Green Flags.

Flags are the INDICATORS. The greens are for the positive attributes and the red ones are the ones that intuitively tell you to stop. The wrong signs that drain you. This is not a comprehensive list and only captures some of the ways to find.

Let’s dig deep,

We often jump to the things that we yearn for, as soon we are in a relationship, without thinking about our partner. But, I believe when you’re in a committed relationship, take time to consider. And, figure out each hook things that ultimately keeps you connected. Talk, make conversation, the long night cuddle tittle-tattle, everything is acceptable, if you consider the love for each other. But that love, shouldn’t be against your integrity. Build Emotional Intimacy.

I also understand relationships are complicated. Or, maybe our overthinking makes it complicated. And, that results in an unwillingness to be a part of this shared bread. One of my friends recently shared her few chapters of Love-life. And, the serene in her voice, the embellishment, the satisfied she was made me have dimpling in the cheeks. I was happy to witness the happiness in her eyes.

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She said, the thing that connects us is chemistry but above that the presence of each other and communication that makes us aware of the green flags. We work each day not only for livelihood but also more for this continuation of the bond, our love for each other.

There are shades in every relationship, green, yellow, and red. And, some universal red flags like abuse, dominating, chronic cheating that you should maintain distance with. Also, the flags are not particular, it varies from person to person. You have to realize and figure out your breaking point.

However, the majority of flags should be green to be well-heeled and kinship in the relationship. And, for this, you have to identify your flaws and work on them for the rolling in each other. Green Flags are the points that you can strive to be for a partner also. For that, let’s hear more about the green flags for healthy relationships.

Green Flags Unrevealed Thoughts

  • You can be YOURSELF. Be yourself while honoring your world. You don’t need to pretend and hold a fake smile that actually is not authentic to you. Being true to yourself is being honest in the relationship. That ultimately invites the agreement and calmness. The sense of judgment and selfishness shouldn’t be there from either side. You both are equal in relationship and are allowed to be equally yourself, finding the common ground to contribute.
  • Have an OPEN perspective. I personally believe, decorating the words to sound smooth is actually a red sign. That sounds like a fake with no age. You cannot be limited or caged from your own perspective. The major green sign is finding your partner considering the rest world besides his circle. Respecting the vocal even if they don’t agree is something that makes the conversation fruitful. In short, it’s all about accepting the flaws and working for further coming plates.
  • Feeling HEARD. No wonder, communication is the strength, the foundation of your relationship or dating days. Listening and understanding is a great skill. And, the feeling of being heard by your loved ones is like “head over heels.” Encourage clear and honest conversation.

The presence of LOVED ones validates the existence of ours and our feelings, and that is love. It’s not compulsory to agree with all the conversation but listening and addressing is enough. And, that is the open perspective.

  • APOLOGIZE when wrong. Actually, you should be able to apologize and forgive. Some of us apologize freely as we feel it’s our mistake whereas some are compelled to say sorry even if there’s his/her fault. Apologizing can be a powerful tool to maintain and build trust. Holding grudges and baggage is a waste of energy. It just drains you. You should be able to see the behave of your partners excluding the early love-Dovey phase.
  • Boundaries and respected. Respect and boundaries are significant in any relationship. Maintaining respect and boundaries is crucial. You may have no idea when you missed that losing yourself in the over-flooded phase. The healthy boundaries define individuality specifying a line where I end and someone else begins leading me to the valiant sense of ownership.
  • Don’t blame or argue UNNECESSARILY. Ever you contemplated, within no time the normal discussion turns to be the wild argument. Raising voices and blaming and swiping things under the rug are all the wrong signs in a relationship. You should be aware and limit the discussion before it gets violent. Make yourself calm and look around. Instead of playing a blame game, play the game to understand the core of the discussion. So, that you will find the solution. Stop being the unnecessary.
  • Keep things apart from EGO. If you’re in a relationship, you should try to sort out the conflicts most of the time keeping your ego and masculine things apart. And, this goes to females too. When you’re in LOVE, you’re equal. Don’t let that ego thing takes place between you. Because, that will eventually invite the red indicators turning to be great bad scenes. Clear at the right time if misunderstanding happens.
  • Growth and Healing. In one sense, the relationship is about growing and healing and helping your partner to inhale the freshen love. Therefore, you should actively work on the growth and healing of each other, personally and professionally. Honest dating advice.

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The Final word,

Apart, the person who knows themselves well is likely to be more vulnerable and emotionally available. It’s easier because you can’t lie to yourself and that shows in your relationship too. Giving words of appreciation and affirmation is a sign of a couple of goals.

The relationship is the long journey and the phase where you grow as a person and evolve. You realize the things that make your partner happy and just for that one blush you revolve around. Helping each other to heal the childhood wound and rejection, making worthy of the presence is the green flag for a romantic relationship. Emotional stability and intimacy is component of a healthy relationship that gives you a valid reason to surround yourself with the love of life. However, you shouldn’t ignore the rising red flag and start working on them. Let’s feel safe around the Loved ones.

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