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A letter to my readers !!

Dear journeyofpg(blog) readers 💗💗
A letter to my Readers.

              An outbreak of coronavirus made us face challenging times. With each passing day, the confinement is taking over our minds.

And causing stress heading towards the mental health issues.

The sudden pause of our daily desired schedule is turning out to be depressing as lockdown is extending day by day.

Most of us have to redefine again what” normal life” looks like. UnrevealedThoughts

As we all are practicing social distance to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Staying in self-isolation and maintaining social distance is getting so deeper. That started resulting in anxiety, irritability, exhaustion, psychological and physiological effect, and so on.

We all are in an unfamiliar queer situation with no clue of dealing with it. Though we are passing days keeping ourselves active, engaged, and upbeat.

Some of us are highly stressed worried about our health. And the health of their loved ones who are not staying with them. Or the one who is working as frontline officers.
Where some of us are worried about the financial condition. As the workplace is closed. And the relief fund from the government is not reaching every needy hand.
And if we contemplate the condition of our nation, we can assume that the situation will be more problematic in the coming days if lockdown won’t be over.
Some of us are staying in-home with our parents and kids. Trying to entertain each other. Where few of us are trying to be the teacher of our siblings as online classes are going over there.
And some of us are individuals, couples, roommates. Or living far from children also trying to adopt these new temporary lifestyles.
We all are experiencing this global pandemic collectively. But counts of 875 people committed suicide during this lockdown only in Nepal, which is a huge number. How to find self-fulfillment?
The truth is worse and hard. And may get harder if we ignore the situation thinking it has not impacted our area yet.
It’s the phase we need to tackle collectively and indeed. For that, we need to communicate.
It’s important to keep all communication lines open.
Addressing issues, feelings and emotional exhaustion coming up in this challenging situation is more helpful than just ignoring and letting it go.
Try to notice the good things around you. Some of us are really in survival mode and scared, try to help them.
My best wishes are with you all 💖as I wish your health and well-being. Don’t forget we all are in this together 🤝. If you think you need to talk then please, seek advice and have a conversation with your close ones.
Or else you can contact me on my email or on my social media page and surely I will try to reach you.
And continue to write articles related to this pandemic, your emotional fluctuation, and on the relationship.
To receive the latest weekly updates of my blog, follow my blog website. Or else you can follow me on Instagram and a Facebook page named @Unrevealed thoughts.
Lastly, Stay safe and try to connect with the people. UnrevealedThoughts
Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s OK to not feel positive and upbeat and being productive right now.
Let your body, mind, and yeah soul get enough rest, get more ideas- note it down, try to finish your pending bucket list content, have fun. 
(A letter to my Readers.)
We will get through this pandemic. And will surely return to normality. Go through this link: Quarantine: A Big Break.
Stay indoors 🏡🏡 safe😊, and in touch with friends 😊.
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!
(A letter to my Readers.)
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