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How to find self-fulfillment?

It took me 18 long years to realize “self-fulfillment is quite important than perfection” in its true sense. Well, I’m quite more than that 18.                          But you need to find a way of self-fulfillment !!


“The purpose of your life is to be happy. And it is possible only if you are satisfied
Do what makes your(heart)💗 exuberant and satisfied.”



“Happiness results when you are satisfied and you get satisfied when you stop judging and complaining”

From very early, I mean school time we have been taught satisfaction matters. Because no one is perfect in this world, regardless of realizing and accepting this we just start focusing and emphasizing perfection. Everything needs to be perfect. This is probably, the same age we learned reverse phrases too. For example, you need to be perfect with your marks, your routine like many more. They teach us in both ways though we run after perfection.
Running after this so-called “perfection” cat race to label as Perfectionists we completely forget ourselves. It’s not even our fault. Because the emphasis was always on the perfection side instead of satisfaction as heredity passing from generations. UnrevealedThoughts

It’s true you need to find a way of self-fulfillment. And that is in YOU.
Happily, I realized and accepted, and no wonder I’m happy today. In fact, I feel I indulge in every sort of happiness with myself and my work. I don’t have a reputed desk job, a yearly increment salary, luxurious lifestyle. But looking forward to my goals just because I am happy and satisfied. Because that’s the exact definition of satisfaction in my dictionary, ( this one is experience vibe). Quarantine: A Big Break.

There is no compulsion of satisfaction only when your expectation meets or desire gets fulfill. Or you have a high possession. Sometimes you have to convenience yourself to be satisfied. When actually you are not.  Seems quite hard to do this for all of us but you must understand that”It is hard to satisfy with life if you are not satisfied with yourself”.
The way of finding the self – satisfaction leads me here on the blog board as I define my passion. And so do I expect from you all to follow your passion with a smile. And accomplish your most awaited goal.

Coming up to here, I realize I need to write just wow content to get the love, appreciation, and to influence my readers. You all might be wondering on what grounds my blog going to be? What is the real age of Maturity?
Then let me mention, my blog will be on topics like personal development, communication skills, and relationships too. These are the topics where you need to work for your better life, career, and goal accomplishment.
So if you have any such things that you wanna grow positively in your life then I request you to read my blog which gets published weekly. I wish my words can influence you with a positive vibe. And can relate to your problem and possibly can solve or else can listen.
I will talk more about this topic on my next blog until then stay home and be positive.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!! UnrevealedThoughts

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