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Quarantine: A Big Break.


An outbreak of a new virus called ” corona” or “COVID-19” can be seen all over the world. As the whole world is under quarantine: A Big Break.

And every country is fighting energetically against this infectious virus to overcome.

Quarantine: A Big Break.

Nearly, the whole world is completely locked down due to this virus. It created many problems and difficulties in our daily life.

We are enforced to stay in our homes. And maintain the “Social distancing” in order to prevent it.

And slow down the transmission of COVID-19. We need to protect ourselves and others from infection. By washing hands, coughing into the flexed elbow. And not touching the nose and face.
We are into lockdown for more than 3 weeks. And still have no idea when we will conquer this virus.

And return to our normal daily life. But at present, we don’t have any other best option. Quarantine: A Big Break.

But to remain inside. And maintain social distancing and follow the guidelines from the government. So that we can fight these diseases in a strong way.

One of the biggest challenges for us, under this lockdown, is to keep ourselves engaged, and active. We all are in an unfamiliar queer situation with no clue of dealing with it. What is the real age of Maturity?

Quarantine: A Big Break is necessary. But at the same time, we are feeling anxiety. Emotional exhaustion disturbed, psychological effects, and many more. As social distancing and self-isolation are mandatory.

We are facing an unusual disconnection with our workplace, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Staying in self-isolation and maintaining social distance is getting so deeper.

It started resulting in adverse psychological and physiological effects on our health.
COVID-19 and this big break: lockdown has left many people more alone. And things are getting a little rough.

But though we are searching for ways to make ourselves engage. Along with looking for something productive. With a feeling of soon, everything will be “OK”.

And will turn to normality, we are trying to behave normally as we can. But staying inside with no office, no work, no friends, and an outing is something that we are missing hardly.
But think of it as a vacation. You get after cracking a big deal or getting a good result after your hard work. So just stay and bring positive input in your every small work you are doing now.

Because that’s the way you can maintain a positive environment around you.
Well, if you are looking at how to utilize this big break then stay calm. Because I have brought something relevant ideas that you can try. And utilize in this lockdown with a positive vibe around you. Because if you are not working or being jobless you are leading to frustration and anxiety.
Some of us are making ourselves engaged in cozy domestic work, reading books, Netflix but what regarding those remaining time.

So, the few things I want to share from my bucket list is:

  • Indulge yourself because you deserve it. Schedule personal time for your hobby, contemplating nature, meditation. Or something that you left far behind just because of running after goals.
  • Self-care is the first thing you should prioritize. But we often ignore it looking for our loved ones but during this time make your use of time more sustainable. Take good care of yourself first, and then you will have more to give to others.
  • Silence your inner critic and journal your thoughts. Your next bucket list plans to continue after this lockdown.
  • Allow your emotions to be real. And get back to those loved ones if you think there is an emergence of the gap just because of misunderstanding. This is a great time to rebuild communication.
  • Get to know yourself, your likes and dislikes.
  • If you remember your inseparable school or college buddies. Try to connect with them using this time. Catch up on their lives, and share your updates too.
No matter how much we try, this lockdown sure is going to make things rough. We are bound to have differences in opinions and arguments with one another.
Therefore, I request you all to feel relaxed and stay home. Follow guidelines, and help the needy if you think you can. Give time to your loved ones, kids, and stay safe.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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