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What does a perfect day look like?

Have you ever thought about the day you want? or,

What does a perfect day look like?

I guess you are biting your nail at this thought?

Actually, even I used to bite !! UnrevealedThoughts

Well, I’m not saying about the blur imagination or something like the pic we share on social media.

In fact, I’m here to talk about the day-a perfect day that you wish to live.

I’m sure most of you have never thought anything about it. And whenever you get these questions, every time your answers get slightly different than the last one.

Probably the reason is – still, you haven’t taken the time to really think about what you want from your life? and how desperate you are to make a perfect day?

Often we know what we don’t want our day to look like but when it comes to what we really want? – it takes time to reply.

So here today,

I will not only describe my perfect day but also try to provide you some great tips on how you can come up with your relevant desire.

Before going to bed, I often visualize what my perfect day would look like, and play this scene repeatedly inside my over analyzing head until I get to sleep.

My inner cravings or a little trembling voice over my head makes me more clear about my longing.

I really suggest you don’t ignore those little soothing voice because that’s what you really want to grab. How to say No without feeling guilty?

Try to think specifically, what your perfect day would look like. And if you don’t have a clear picture of your perfect day then here’s the opportunity…!!

Grab a pen and a paper, sit on a couch, calm yourself, close your eyes, and envision an absolutely ideal day.

Visualize the place where you wanna be, the outfit you wanna wear. Imagine every sensation and the moment that you think, it makes your perfect day.

Think as specific as possible without letting anything to hold you back.

There might be many things you want to hold on a day-simply, write it down !!

Why is it so important to have the idea of Perfect Day?

It’s really important because if you know what you love to do or the things you need to make your day perfect, then all you have to do is make it happen.

It actually helps you to put your plans and actions in a place. So, you can look forward to achieving it.

And for that, you need to get out of your comfort zone with determination. Because nothing comes at free cost.

It’s important because the visualization of your perfect day helps you to drive your car on the straightway – heading to live the moment that was limited in your head.

It’s all up to you, how big difference you want to make !!

My perfect day is something like this, (Profile.)

How to cope when you have been told you’re UGLY?

I wake up on between the walls created by a pillow with a smile on my face. Eyes closed but though the morning rays from the east melt me to get out of my cozy and snug bed. Moving towards the terrace to gaze on a perfect morning and letting the first rays energize me.

Heading to the own garden to live the moment breathing on that fresh cold and warm air holding my mint water.

I get dressed quickly with fewer trinkets but with high heels – carrying confidence to face the challenge for the day.

I sit down to breakfast and look out of the window – wow, what a fantastic day !!

Then, I would meet my friend on a way to take on the world.

Will reach my workplace whose interior just reflects each aspect of my collection. I will cultivate myself on the work with a fearless vibe trying to be more authentic. And to reach among the people, collect the stories their experiences, and give a way through my blog.

Leaving the workplace, I will move to meet my love with nothing materialistic but just lots of love and kisses and hugs, and many more..!!

Have a great time with numerous talks, sharing thoughts, and something great love scene.

I will arrive an hour before the sun sets and that would be the perfect evening time, to do yoga in a green environment listening to something really relieving.

Relaxed and calm I will get ready for my night dinner, will head to my favorite corner of the house holding a romantic novel with a glass of red wine.

Each sip of wine will resemble my day-my great day and how I struggled to live and make it perfect. Hidden emotional scars speak the most.

Before sleeping, love to make a short gossip with parents and then pouring the gratitude that my life holds.

Will gaze at the moon and thousands of stars with blushing me from the window nearby my bed …..!!

And that would be my perfect day !!

A million dollar perfect day !!

I always love to imagine and write my perfect day but this one is something that I’m working on despite of ups and downs.

Because it’s something that I really want to have on my own.

The way how I find my perfect day imagination is really cool and helpful. You can try to get yours but don’t forget whatever your perfect day is, it needs your real determination to make it happen.

So, what does your perfect day looks like…think?

Until then keep moving !! ( Slay your twenties, the most viewed blog: Slay your twenties. )

Keep loving, living, and sharing!! ( Website: UnrevealedThoughts )

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