Forgive your kind heart!
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Forgive your kind heart!

Forgive is a sturdy word; it takes a lot to define this journey. It’s been four long years. And, I forgave him. Simply, because my brain and heart couldn’t afford to remember the mishap that separated us. The album of memories, the train of relationships, and the craved plot of the future ended on a good note. Now, I can assure you it was good to end. 

I remember, a friend in my high school days brutally damaged my confidence. Her direct criticism wasn’t supportive at all. And, I do have several experiences that explain the reason for me being slightly calculative while selecting my circle, it takes an extreme level of trust. However, now, I forgave and forgive each one for deviating because I wanted to live composedly. 

Forgiving someone isn’t easy. And, sometimes it can be seemingly impossible to let go of the person who betrayed and wronged your kind heart. Trying to delete the negativity spread by your loved ones is worse. Every time it feels like being on the edge of a pointed cliff. The Modern Loneliness

Rationally over time, it allows me to say, “Forgiving is the kind gift to yourself wrapped in layers of pain, and anger. And releasing each layer allows you to get closer to the journey of healing that comes from within. Take time to unfold each layer of pain, anger, aggression, and all the hurts that are continuously gripping your heart. And, it’s fine to take your time to process and solve your inner arguments cryptically.


Forgive your kind heart!

My Dear, the journey of healing is an inside job but not the indoor one. You need to pursue yourself to be expressive with your emotions. You have to come out of that locked emotions. No one is going to do this for you. The friends and circle are always there to help you, but the scorching blaze should begin from within. 

Also, the journey to healing doesn’t limit to letting go of anger or pain. It’s not only about letting go of the person who has wronged you or betrayed you, it’s beyond that phenomenon and has more to do with the gentle human.  And, sometimes the depth of pain and hurt defines the journey, as it is necessary to address the occurrence to figure out the let-go process of the desire for revenge. 


Holding and strolling on to the pain and the desire for revenge won’t take you longer and make you wise. Surely, it will harm you and distance you from your emotional stability. It’s important to shift the focus of the heart from pain so that the eyes can focus on the greenery to wind you up with a new celebration. Shifting is necessary because focusing can reinforce the bitter experience and the hard emotions. Practice compassion because this helps to develop the relationship with yourself cultivating the nature of self-aware.

There are times when the degree of hurt can’t afford forgiveness, at least not instantly because the smash is hurtful. I understand the train of sensation one feels. However, it’s for you and your heart to be at ease. It’s completely fine to not forgive, but convince yourself to come up with the degree of acceptance. Because healing is empowering in a way it gives the power to rewrite the story with the character you want to demonstrate. 

Healing is embracing Wholeness, with every next step towards identifying yourself, you inhale the power of freedom within you and around you. The freedom to feel real, the freedom to liberate yourself, and the freedom to choose yourself before anything every time. 

And, you achieve this when you start choosing yourself between hustle. Having said this, sometimes it’s tough to stand with this belief, but it’s fine. Go slow. You’re doing absolutely fine. Don’t let yourself lost in the crowd of blame and anger. 

You will always be a little TOO MUCH or NOT ENOUGH if you let others define you. But you will always be aligned with yourself. So, why not choose your definition of Healing and Ruling? 

You don’t need validation. You need your warm arms around you and that’s enough to validate you.

The Final TALK,

The experience of my early 20s says forgiveness isn’t any ONE-time job. It’s an incessant journey of learning, a lifelong process of being kind, and patient, and creating boundaries for yourself. Stop yourself from judging and impulsively being sorry. Instead, accept your feelings, allow them to function, and be expressive. It is much easier to begin the healing journey when you can acknowledge and process your emotions. With experience, You heal when you Accept the happenings. 

And, to forgive others, you’ve to forgive yourself first. You should stop thinking “The reason for happening is you” and there’s something inherently wrong with you, NO, it’s not! It’s about choices that you choose to live with, be careful. 

In the end, forgiveness is the gift that you gift yourself. If ever, you feel confused and in pain, choose to “Let go of it.” I know, it’s not easy but at least you can give it a try. Because it’s the gift you gift to yourself. 

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