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Changing priorities with Time !!

“At the end of the day,
you’re your longest commitment.”
Changing priorities with time !!
Sometimes I feel there should be made a public announcement, mentioning your friends are not ignoring you. UnrevealedThoughts
They might be struggling with themselves. I don’t know it just me or happens with everyone, whenever I get a call from a friend or make a call after a long gap, the conversation initiates with, hey! you forget me, wait are you ignoring my text.
Or what if you are dating someone ?? and this is something that I really really hate always. What is the real age of Maturity?
We call ourselves so educated, understanding, and love to connect with all those complimenting words. But the behave we show is just the opposite.
I know when we find or like pre-assume that someone is ignoring us, our first reaction is to get confused and start looking in ourselves, if we had made any kind of mistake but it’s not compulsory that the way we are thinking is correct, it may be our brainchild too.
But instead of understanding the situation, we are more focused to rush to baseless conclusions.
Why don’t we understand, if people don’t talk as often or being unavailable when you asked is not always the emblem of ignoring. Might be they are struggling with their hard times.
Or trying to settle down their emotional breakdowns or on the phase of recuperation. Or else probably they prioritized themselves and so on.
One should understand the meaning of priorities that gets different from person to person, you might be to talk and have fun with them while they might have different stories on their side. Sometimes the people in our life are unable to understand or accept our changed priorities.
It may take them a while to understand the situation and to know the facts. However, it should be better to make them aware of your changed lifestyle and priorities and it’s cognizant for them before hitting the call.
Talking with others mentioning our priorities is something that falls under the personal zone where we don’t like to accept any interference. UnrevealedThoughts
Howbeit, it’s wrong to assume, that your friends will get to know by themself if you won’t reply or say no for hangout. Therefore, not to ruin any sort of relationship it’s better to make them aware.
But despite making them familiar, they pretense as oblivious and makes you anxious, then be sure it’s none of your faults.
Because in the end, it’s just your preference to or not spend time with certain people you used to. Let them, run after their self-made baseless conclusion. The real one will understand your change and try to find the best way to spend time.
The only one who gets to decide your worth is YOU. It doesn’t come from the presence of a number of friends or what someone else says.
It comes from you or someone you can count as you. The number of friends will change with time and situation. But what won’t change is who you are. And how you tackled when the rest of the world counts you as a fake. In a relationship with a narcissist.
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!! 

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