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    The Lip Kiss we share.

    I text you something tempting and seducing. Though it’s midnight, that’s the exact time to let soul melt under the spilled light moon.I want you, Right now,under my quilt, Next to me,Around my arms, holding tightHeavy obscene breath, lyrical stare.Your lips on mine,And, mine on yours, a tease,a sensational riot. The lip kiss,Inhaling the desires, exploding with the yearning of a flaming heart.Hands running through hair,Dancing with the stir around the waist.a fly on the rhythm of erotic guitardigging to heavenly pleasure,the kind of sumptuous collaboration, With the tons of honeyed mixes. Unrevealed Thoughts Holding to meet under the quilt, when the moon rises again. Yours on mine and mine…

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    The Scribble Love Thought.

    Why Do I Love You? Love Poem. There’s no exact reason, why I Love You?-but there’s a lot of small tiny details that make me feel the essence of love. I Love You because you always manage to stand with me, no matter what the situation is. Your support, encouragement, and presence motivate me to be ME. It helps me to flourish and bloom the way I desire. I Love You because of your ability to be positive and see the good comings in everyone and in every situation with a innocent yet, meaningful smile. This makes sense of being a strong pillar to hold whenever the situation takes flip,…


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