Love or Attachment?

Sometimes “ No feeling” is a complete feeling and “ letting go of someone” is a complete journey.
You can’t ask someone to be with you just because you say “ I love you” and the reason is you like their presence in your cozy environment.
Furthermore, attachment is not Love, it’s better to call emotional torture where you end up detaching yourself.
These words are meaningless without emotional-physical acceptances and so on.  
Are you in LOVE with your partner or just ATTACHED to them ??
Love or Attachment

      “The root cause of suffering in relationship can be          Attachment.”

There is a diminutive difference between love and attachment or being attached. In a relationship with a narcissist.
Most of us are not certain either it’s love. Or it’s just attachment and one often makes a mistake.
And this confusion never leads to a “happy ending” rather leaves a print of unsure emotions in an individual.
I made a mistake and it was too late when I realized it. 
Attachment looks a lot like love, at least mine one did but unfortunately, it’s the step that leads to the unknown path of breaking you. 
The unconventional truth is that the relationship you thought would last forever can suddenly make you feel out of breath one morning where you accept that the relationship is not as solid as you initially believed.
The one who loves you – probably you are not in love with them. Maybe you are habitual of them.
Or just you loved them only when they gave you the happiness you are craving for. 
Being the morning sip of someone’s hard tea with the accurate flavor of ginger to realizing of being just a light coffee whom he used to repeat with strong caffeine after leaving for work.
My relationship gratified the thirstiness of being in a relationship leaving the feeling of NO ME in me.  And that was the phase of realization, attachment is just torture. Relationship: The millionaire one.
Love seeks growth. The growth of togetherness where you both come
out being the better version of yourself in a relationship. But the attachment is something that not only limits your personal growth but the relationship too.
Love is complex but liberating where you allow each of you to be true.
Exposing your strength and weakness where both of you inspire and encourage to pursue the dream with the acknowledgment of one need to clap on backstage appreciating the other one in the spotlight. 
The person will always have a place in you with the best wishes even though you had a permanent breakup. But the attachment is something that you will like to hold resentment after a breakup.
Being in a relationship or not is everyone’s personal decision.
But an individual should be aware of the basement of their relationship where direct influential communication helps a lot.
However, the thing that shouldn’t forget is attachment relies on possession and has to do more with self-love than love for another.
Don’t forget love is a two-way street where both of you need to contribute. In order to keep the relationship healthy.
But the attachment is the one-way street where  you might be there to contribute and end that street directly to the “happy ending.” 
The confusion of being in a healthy relationship, attachment, or else lust drives most of people to fall into a continuous stream of unsatisfying relationships.
And if you believe there are unhealthy attachment problems or something like that in your relationship then I recommend you to take the action necessary.
And try to resolve the issue rather than getting dependent on your partner.
If you aren’t in a relationship right now, I wish you find your soulmate until then work on yourself. To make a better version of yourself UnrevealedThoughts
Tips from my note😊💓 
It’s not necessary to say yes to everyone who ever approaches you. You must understand the meaning of deserving and just wanting.
Love the one who listens to you without judgment and conditions and makes you laugh in your hard times,
Love the one who wants you to fulfill your dream by standing on your side and inspires you to not settle in less,
The one who directly hugs you and kisses you when you are shouting unnecessarily over them, that’s what we want right? ,
One who thinks you are your own kind of sexy and beautiful. And allow you to wear his favorite t-shirt to bed,
Love the one who makes you feel kind of secure when you lay on their lap. And strokes your hair when you have a worse day.
The one who brags about you when you are not around, 
Love the one who thinks you are the one they would love to wakeup by side every day, and finally loves the one who is the ONE first.In a relationship with a narcissist.
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!
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