Friend zone.

The friend zone is a toxic mindset.

The Friend Zone, when two people are friends where the one side has need while the other just enjoy the presence. Sometimes this naturally leads to ache, disappointment, or heartbreak resulting in the mismatch of opinions and feeling orientations.

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There’s some relation that’s made liberally with some relevant and irrelevant talks yet some are hard to build. And, the end of every relation ache. Though, depends upon how tender your relationship was?

A while back, actually, it feels like yesterday, one of my friends expressed his feelings for me. I was taken aback, dazed so shocked, and my first response was, “but we are really good friends.”

After a few seconds of silence again I replied, “I don’t think we share such kind of chemistry.” Cultivate the Compassion.

Manifestly, I could see his love words turning into anger and blaming all those good times that we had. I tried to talk further but hastily he jumped to wind-up.

I let him go, letting my unstructured jumbled words be entombed within the time we shared. Honestly, it was the moment of sudden soreness. It made me believe, without notice, your string of persuasion comes to an end.

The thought was, Is the friend zone an invitation for a romantic relationship or something like sexting?- evolved from a normal text. No, that’s obviously not. The friend zone is not the waiting room for further romanticism.

Friend Zone and Romanticism.

Friendships and Romantic relationships are two different things. And, inhaling the ambiance of the friend zone is fastening each other oppositely with the string that supports the healthy boundaries, with the present for another person. This truly means you’re attached, cherish, respect, and devoted in such a way that it never turns into mawkish romanticism.

Actually, it’s the problem of your thought that allows you to think, you can climb the way of love through Friend Zone. I just want to befriend or directly saying NO to whatever the string approach is the way to politely respond before that structure turns into unstructured flipping over the pan.

It holds the power to destruct long-term friendships. End the relationship resulting in smashing the belief that the shoulder offer is safe and expectation-less.

If you straightly Google the term, it says, one has a sexual interest in the other. And that, the whole statement is the harsh reality that allows one to think they can make a path. But actually, the other one is ignoring giving it a name of “friend zone” – popular culture. Female masturbation is no longer taboo.

As a matter of fact, Friend Zone does not exist. It is created by us as an individual to reduce the burden of being rejected or to reject. And, getting into the friend zone is accepting the unequal distribution where one side is fully satisfied. Meanwhile, the other is struggling to find a perfect ground.

This whole concept of a friend zone is sexiest to each gender if you dig the tunnel of need and attachment. It reinforces the stereotype belief of men can’t be friends with women without wanting to sleep, which is exactly not true. On the other side, it is an attempt to shame women when their feelings are not reciprocated in the same manner.

There remains the thought of “advantage” from one side where the other is not getting what they dream before stepping into this zone of modern culture.

Therefore, its existence is inherently toxic-yet, open proper communication is always beneficial before ruining and inviting heartbreak. By understanding the uneven exchanged of attachment, you can stop the beginning of it in the first place rather than inviting the mix-up.

Also, many people end up in the friend zone because of uncertainty, and some invite the friend zone thinking they can make it through this. Eventually, that dies on a bad note. A friend of mine once said, “no one owes you anything and vice-versa.” – read it once again.

If you’re in the way of, believing in generosity and stepping into the friend zone is the only way to ignore the romantic and flirtatious talk leading to sexting is absolutely wrong. If you’re doing this, I suggest you stop and have proper understandable communication. Spice up your Relationship.

Initially, you may feel elated and exciting but with time it affects you in all sense. Therefore, it’s better to accept the rejection rather losing the accurate image of each other. You deserve to have what you want-don’t settle in the so-called definition of the friend zone.

Also. it’s not the fault of any of you. Some times the situation leads to there unintentionally but you should have courage to confront. Don’t forget, living relationship or not should be your decision – only you.

Deny it loudly, if you are not feeling the love because it looks like a curse to not be able to reciprocate those feelings which your eyes and soul is evident of. No wonder, it’s better to live and inhale the atmosphere of friendship rather than the friend zone, that’s disturbing for both sides.

This may ask you to land in the problematic situation of emotional blackmail, for being friends though not treating it as. And, that is unfair demand.

Beside this, I hope you all are doing well. Stay safe and stay indoors. Let’s be extra kind and offer the helping hands. I am so happy to be back into writing, as due to some reason I was unable to make it. Anyways, let me know your thought in the comments below. And also you can share your incident in comment below.

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