Female masturbation.

Female Masturbation Is No Longer taboo.

No wonder, the emergence of “hook-up culture” is at high speed. It’s gaining major visibility and acceptance but yet this reformist progressive society finds it difficult to concede. Well, we are here to have a word about “Female Masturbation” rather than “Hook-up culture.” – surely gonna discuss in the next update.

“When she loved herself, she found she was invincible.”
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There’s a large stigma around when it comes to female masturbation. Over the generation, this is portrayed only for pleasuring the man. Handling the mind-puzzling games of sin, without procreating the position she desired and craved. We-females are not allowed to talk about it. Even not with our friends-as if the talk in hushed tones gonna leave them aghast. Facebook

Masturbation, the word that makes you bold blended with shamelessness. And, invites the unsolicited advice,” a female job is to give, not to take. And, she is told to be a certain way regardless of what she wants and desires.

After long years, of being treated as the giver. And witnessing the wider access to arousal erotic scenes, the so-called cultural representation is finally shuddering. The generalized thought of “Giver” has been replaced by, “she can enjoy the SOLO sex. And have the auto-erotic share of their individual sexuality.

The societal belief is traumatized by the emergence of revolution towards her self-pleasuring fantasies. The idea can be shocking for the people around. But it says that women don’t need the conjugal relationship to be pleasured.

The fact of Her being the source of her erotic desire is shifting the sexual attitudes breaking the taboos around holding the flag of cultural representation.

Over the decades, Nepal’s conservative mindset towards accepting female sexuality has grown for the kind of mature conversation. But still, there’s a lot to learn. The perception regarding Female masturbation varies across the country which also involves the myths that are being followed putting HIM on elevated.

And, if we consider our conservative thought, the taboo still has great resonance among the women who still can’t associate with conjugality. Or their own individual desire of sexuality. It is the floret of soil. That needs the high beam to replace the thought of, “sex is mainly for reproduction.”

SOLO Sex-Masturbation. Unrevealed Thoughts

Image from Pixabay.

Have you ever thought to consider masturbation as self-care? – Actually, for this you have to move apart from the prevailing taboos irrespective of objectification.

Discovering masturbation and solo sex can be liberating and empowering for women. Probably the thought of sexually liberated enough to satisfy herself threatens the masculine ego. This is why the practice is taboo? Yet, I understand, it’s inadmissible to witness the women liberating themselves in sexual pleasure, in this shame-based patriarchal society.

And we have internalized their chapter of misogyny to disdain the female masturbation as if touching herself is illegal. And, the outcome is, female masturbation is disparaged and denigrated as filthy practices-which is not.

No wonder, there’s a lot of ways to connect with yourself. There is no downside of masturbation except the hushed tones of taboos that you need to “Let go.” It’s all about identifying your body and considering what satisfies you actually. It makes you more familiar with your own stardust trembling body lining.

Yes, it’s great when someone strokes and touches the earlobe, but it can be just as satisfying if you do it yourself. It fully helps you to concentrate on you before getting involved with your respective ones.

No matter, whether you’re masturbating by letting your hand do the work smoothly or with the best vibrator, you shouldn’t be ashamed about making yourself fantasized and explored. It’s the way of cultivating self-confidence and embody worthiness accepting the craving you have. It’s not just a man who is allowed, it’s about the whole of humankind irrespective of sexual orientation.

The benefits of letting your hand do the work are endless. And above all this putting your desire of exploring the pleasure you need is incredibly empowering. But though, many women haven’t prioritized their own Orgasm and that’s because of the absence of the proper dialogue. There’s nothing to feel embarrassed yet the super-accomplished woman feels far difficult even to spell. I don’t know, Why people consider masturbation as untidy?-in reality, it’s just the hell satisfying.

I have been considered too outrageous and bold whenever I tried to be vocal about exploring the own desire for pleasure. I have been on the list of “not accepting eyes of people actually my own friends” whenever I broach the subject of Orgasm. They point to me as I’m different from other women. And actually, that’s Yes because those souls need to learn the depth of Solo sex and what their body is craving for?-the essence.

But the fact is also that, masturbation isn’t for everyone unless you explore and embrace the revolution of your own body line. Let your body acknowledge what turns you on over creased sheets.
Though, after all the suffering and thoughts towards realizing the fingertips over your own, the best part is things are shifting towards pleasure inviting the chats about sexual needs. Spice up your Relationship.

Our society has a long history of Sex, which can be discussed publicly. And, is always a burning topic. But when she opens up about it, she is considered as unacceptable or of asking for it.-which is never true. The point is, she knows what she stands for with the realistic information of what women really need for themselves.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. There is a long list of things that are required for existence which also includes the Sex under Physiological Needs. So, this shows it’s all about natural physical urge that doesn’t require permission to explore but the societal fear to stop. Therefore, masturbation is not a sin, it’s part of us. Let’s explore and explore.

Allow yourself to explore, and Normalize female masturbation. And here, I would love to introduce you to Instagram page namastePleasure , Nepal’s first woman-led initiative towards normalizing pleasure and Solo sex. The page is really great and you should visit it.

Orgasms are great but for that, you have to open up with yourself-romanticizes yourself-finding your own grove that feels good. Female Masturbation is no longer taboo, and it’s high time to erase those outdated taboos. Put simple, and if it feels good, go with that. I strongly believe, settling your needs by own is far better than asking and assuming unnecessarily. It’s your time to play, have fun girls.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing.

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  • ThatUnknownBlogger

    I absolutely love this. I feel like this is something girls/women don’t talk about and are afraid to. I appreciate you sharing this post. It was needed to say. I am actually going to share this one because it is very important and should be understood by everyone. This is something that is very normal. Thank you for sharing this, Puja! 🙂

    • Sidhi

      Glad you liked the post. And, this is very important for the females to talk without any hesitation. It’s a way to liberate and empower them in a way. This is normal but tho it is treated as taboo around us. Thank you for your valuable words. keep visiting dear. 🙂

      • Rakesh

        Its good know that some girls are taking serious steps toward this to make masturbation normal in our traditional society. And this is a serious topic to write something great job

  • Anu Basnet

    I really appreciate this..
    Women always get hesitates when it’s comes about masturbation.. people and society must normalize the female masturbation…

  • Aleesha

    Wow!! This is so liberating. An awesome post. Everyone must read this. Hats off to you Sidhi. Miles to go ! ❤️❤️❤️

    You’re a beautiful soul with a wonderful mind and an inspiring heart.

    • Sidhi

      This post and your word really mean a lot to me. Thank you for inspiring me to write more. And, Yea there are still miles to go and that’s possible with all my readers only. Thank you once again. Keep on visiting. ❤️

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