Love, Like, and Lust: What exactly is it like to fall in love !!

Find the goodness in every moment, in every word, in every image shown to you !! Read out the blog to know the difference between love, like, and lust.

The thing which seems wrong to you-against your boundaries though you are doing due to some helplessness. Or if you are living any kind of relationship without your soul presence, then your whole life can be “surprising outcomes of unwillingly sowed seeds.”

And the feeling of love, like and lust is similar to that where surprising outcomes can be visible on the initial stage with a lot of unplanned parties and wrapped gifts in later phases.

Confused between love, like, and lust ?? 💭💭

Then, for sure this post is for you, as we’ll be discussing love vs like vs lust…!!

If you ask the same question to different people, you will get a different answer. As per people’s experience and perception, which shows it’s really hard to decipher between these words.

LOVE💕 Relationship: The millionaire one.

LOVE is something beyond words, gender, age, color, religion, and country-based: can’t be seen with your eyes rather it’s an intense feeling that occurs deep within a person, with yourself, pets, and with someone else !!

It builds on a strong thread of trust and respect where loyalty can’t be mistaken. Language and words are just a medium. Deep down their intentional thoughts and feeling communicate with one another where you start cultivating your favorite thoughts from mind to heart and heart to mind.

“LOVE is being best friends
where you both are free to enjoy your Company without Limitations.”

Right in front of the eyes,👀 impersonal text messages turn into a majority of personal interaction with the high hope of taking it too far. Where commitment seeks a major place with prioritizing each other. 


Like, if you contemplate you will realize- there’s a high number of friends you LIKE then LOVE and LUST. 

On a first random meeting or an unplanned meet, you can conclude by saying “ I LIKE YOU.” But it’s really tough to make the same statement for LOVE. And more complicated for LUST. In like, the intense desire of wanting their soul presence is really low as you like people on their outlook, and physical appearance. Or something else that enamored you. 

In like, you both prefer the same characteristics. But love doesn’t care that- it says the more different you are, the more way you will search to involve in each other.

And we can’t forget the most inspiring phrase “ when you like a flower you pluck it but when you love a flower you water it daily.”

It definitely shows, love is not about wanting and gripping with yourself. It’s more about letting it free and then loving with strong compassion.


Lust, basically it’s a desire of having a great and great scene. Well I mean, it’s physical attraction leading to intentional sexual desire with more focus on SEX and one’s physical pleasure. It’s something like late-night calls, flirtatious text. And the clear intent of getting intimate.

There’s nothing wrong with having such desire or want until the opposite person desires the same, consent matters a lot !!

Like “I like you”, “I love you” you can’t make the statement with LUST like “I lust you”. It sounds completely awkward as no one ever addressed and described the LUST as their real emotions. Lust usually gets a place on someone’s ear as gossip. You can’t describe the exact feeling or like emotions for another if it’s lust. And especially not in our country right now.

But if you ask me, I would suggest rather gossiping and making it an issue – confront it. And if you can’t then just take your step back which is better than making a topic in your circle.

And if you confronted that, might be there will arise a chance to continue which may turn into something serious like “I like – love you.”


LOVE or LIKE is two completely different stories. To say like, you must have to know the attributes of the person.

In like, it may be for a short time. And if you find something soul-crushing you will choose to leave but Love is beyond this. Doesn’t matter you confess or not deep there – Yeah !! exactly there is the feeling.

And most importantly, like makes you happy with that person but in love, that person is everything where every sot of security needs ends there.


No wonder lust is temporary. There is a high chance of ignoring the one after getting it but in love, their presence is all you want.

In lust, there is the chance of turning into love, not in friends but in love the foremost step is friendship with strong bonding.

If you ask me what is LOVE?

I have to define it as a relationship with respect, care, and comfort where sacrifice is there for your partner’s happiness.

I strongly believe respect and self-love is important. It’s sure the more you dig the more you get in LOVE.😊😋

Just realize the difference, express love, and make a relationship based on true beliefs. UnrevealedThoughts

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!






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