The misinterpretation of Body Language.
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The Misinterpretation of Body Language.

A language is a valuable tool and we use body language from the day we are firstborn. The examination of body language across cultures is based upon gender biases. We have internalized and ingrained the gender roles around the very general way of behaving. And, also after going through the appalling flash of #MeToo cases and enormously looking around, it seems the men cannot differentiate when it comes to verbal statements. So, the misinterpretation makes valid sense because my silence is termed as my approval, which is not. Unrevealed Thoughts

Unfortunately, “The societal learning is producing the wilds.” And, it’s high time the teaching process must change. Indeed, for all by embracing and accepting.

The Learning,

We have learned to behave in a certain way. We learned it’s essential to understand the opposite person’s body language and to move our bodies in a certain limited way. From hushed tones to quiet was the center of the learning resulting in the differentiating. I often observe the stereotypes around body language are often divided into gender-based. Relying on non-verbal consent is the most unacceptable and execrable one-sided learning that is imparted.

The depth screams that women are supposed to be meek, at least in their body language. And, the men are wired to believe the set practices. From tilting my head to smiling and nodding and playing with curls, I have seen people jumping to conclusions as my gesture is verbal communication.

The happening,

I am in my early twenties. And, I love flaunting turned into I used to. Sadly, I feel passive, I have to think while sitting whether my leaning on either side or unbuttoned collar may not be a sign to lurk in the wild. I have to think, that my degree of loudness shouldn’t be higher than the male in that room. Not even when the subject of discussion is ME.

Over time, gender roles are deeply rooted in the way we sit, stand, wear, walk, talk, and the innocent gesture. But as all, even here the males are benefited. And, all this resulted in listening NO as YES, silence as vindication, or else bargaining. Let’s not forget there are a few terms of blackmailing too that have been normalized unintentionally. Is male privilege real?

The torture is visible but the society is blindfolded, they won’t listen until I scream and shout. The contusion is around my neck, my body, and the trauma completely changed but still, the pointing toward the culprit seems meaningless. It’s unfair right, they are allowed to blame our innocent gesture and cleavage but we have to prove our harassment and mental trauma.

And, as females most of the time, we even don’t realize we are performing gender roles through the way we move our bodies. Instead of accepting, we are molding ourselves layer by layer. It may be to protect but why do we need that in the first place…..

(I just kept my point, but the main discussion is why female body language is stereotyped?)

The Body Language,

Body language can be more important than spoken words. It tells a lot about the person’s current feelings. It is the way to communicate without saying anything. I also believe body language holds the power to communicate. Being skilled at noticing body language can assist one with professional and personal relationships. It also tells you the negativity you need to avoid to make an impression.

Instead of throwing stones in the air, you should work on gaining skills, assumption doesn’t work here. Also, the verbal confirmation won’t charge you. And, when you’re new to the table, it’s better to not build the bridge. Don’t let that masculine energy overrule you. And, is also the belief that tells females are docile.

Your brain is a predictive organ. It always keeps on guessing the very exact next moment. It may be influencing sometimes while it may turn out to be a terrible indicator. There is a pre-conceived belief about what is true because we are deep-seated with gender norms and stereotypes defining roles for each other. Unsolicited opinions.


  • No eye contact means someone is lying, right? – NO!
    Don’t forget, the society we belong to says, that conveying eye contact is the symbol of rudeness and disrespect. Apart, maybe s/he is thinking or just nervous about confronting unexpectedly. Generally, this can be misleading.
  • The sitting position, the crossing legs, and the swinging legs are the most misunderstood concepts. The way someone’s legs are positioned might not be the same as you think. Contemplation will help you, the custom taught us not to sit “wide open.” Later, that became the borderline.
  • Surprisingly, smiling is giving hint. (the sexual hint, I don’t know what is that) They say that smiling can be powerful and positive but also that women should be aware of excessive nodding and smiling. After how much, does it count as excessive?
  • The Real one, often in a close circle while having the conversation we normally pat on back or shoulder, but I know his doing was nothing for me but as I responded, the next day I received the text, “I liked how you touch me.”
  • When a man nods, he agrees. His anger is reflective without a voice. Her anger doesn’t make sense even when she is telling it loudly. Why the female weak handshake is treated as a lack of confidence when in the first place you taught her not to. Why my frankness is doubted?

I use expressive hand gestures when I am invested in conversation even if, that is the emotional dealing. But I’ve seen males being puffing out their chests and increasing voices to prove points that don’t exist.

Why does my no response tag me as arrogant? If you say hello, and I decided not to reply. This means I am not interested. And, you cannot force me.


Consent whether in a relationship or general plays an important role. It is understandable, that the habit of seeing the world with self-obsession eyes may not understand this and that’s the rise of legality. This is an ongoing discussion that has never worked in its past references. The relationship is based on open communication not the assumption and lines of the other ones. Failing to understand will make you stand in the mass.

The Final Word,

To sum up, miscommunication happens if you keep relying on the custom track. There is much more to learn than you were taught. NO never says I want to be YES. And, the one who says NO is much aware before saying. Either way, the lesson is straightforward. Straightly, it says face and body moments are just merely non-verbal communication. They are not the replacement of words and they cannot be.

Also, you should be knowing, that here, it’s hard to go with words. How you’re supposed to level your degree just with silence? Communication is the only way to take the context to its final position without misinterpretation and influence chained. And NO, shouldn’t be taken as something to hurt over.

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