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Hidden Emotional scars speak the Most.

It’s not compulsory to see the person associated with your scars or hidden scars. A little resemblance is enough to make you live the whole plot. Because the hidden emotional scars speak the most.

It was early August. Unrevealed Thoughts

Where she confronted her wounds that were almost hidden scars now. She tried a lot to ignore but those tranquil nights and loud minds were enough. She doesn’t wanna blame those silent nights. No, never !!

Because she can’t run from the night that she lived through a situation where her body-mind was not on her.

Every hidden scar got visible once again, Every closed memory got an elevated focus again. The pain she had swallowed started getting on her neck. The thought she had buried captured the whole plot and the person was in front of her closed eyes again.

She recalls her struggling – for the moment not to arrive. Because her wounds can get permanent and call as unhealed scars. She felt restless, disjointed from herself, ripped from her inner soul, perturbed, and often get rolled like a ball.

It was just a moment, where she lost her trust in herself. Just because her loved one smashed the trust so brutally – losing her self-worth. And the thing left was pain all over. UnrevealedThoughts

She sobbed on the bathroom floor with red eyes and hands trembling with an unusual fear and unutterable as she is dumb from early but it was unaddressed, unanswered, and tortured emotion.

She was expecting to get stink in the love of his but he made her stink on self-hate. Grudgingly, wound become scars leaving the mark. It shows, the emotional hidden scars speak the most. It shows you moved forward by conquering the pain and getting more strong – a little bolder than before with confidence.

Even you feel triumph to be proud that you have overthrown that phase – no matter how !! But deep down every scar has got a huge place over your body, mind, and soul.

Every time you desperately try to calm yourself whenever the visual hits you either emotionally – mentally or even it gets worse if there are physical marks.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t engulf your pain if you are living it. And it’s all because we are living with memories of past or failures. Although you have realized and confessed still, the scars reflect wider.

Our scars represent healing. Either it’s internal or external, yet some require more healing time.

Therefore, remember this “Don’t ever be ashamed of the scars.”
It can’t define you if you won’t let her define.
Doesn’t matter, how much the emotional hidden scars speak !!

You need to learn that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Those nights, resulting in crushing and stabbing you was not your fault. And the scars which you are living are nothing more than a result of the lesson that you learned repeatedly.

It’s hard to believe but yeah, our scars – emotionally hidden scars can be the path to positive changes.

Indeed, the place of scars and that silent loud night can’t be changed – it will be exactly right there. How to cope when you have been told you’re UGLY?

Either it’s emotional detachment, flashbacks, nightmares, rejection. Or else any such kind of incident that makes you fiddling and hollow, will be always there !! Getting the reason to think about scars on the one-way path of healing is normal.

It shows how far you traveled despite constant hitting thoughts. Therefore, one should understand every scar have their purpose. At a times they may remind you of pain – the situation that you survived but they also make you alert or warn you from your next step.

Whenever you feel you are letting your past come or else you are facing tomorrow, your scars may remind you of those scary nights where you were screaming and sobbing. At the same moment, you start believing yourself, your almighty god that you won’t let yourself turn the page back.

There’s a phrase,” the things that hurt you the most have the power to help you the most.” No matter how deep the scar is, if you believe in yourself – the scars can turn into a life lesson. Love-Like-Lust.

You can’t lose your hope and belief and can’t refuse that you suffered. You suffered – it’s fact! And you can’t completely erase the gap that it holds.

But the thing that can be possible is, you won’t let yourself move from the same highway of desolated and lorn without the hope of coming back.

The only thing you can do is keep healing, even after you think you are out of that scary scars and depth of it. With time, you may experience a powerful change in your perspective that makes you think you are completely healed. Doesn’t matter again someday it hits your over-analyzing head – keep healing and living !!

Embrace your emotions, cry if you need, explore if you want but just don’t settle on the corner of that cleaned well-equipped tiled lavatory.

Throw your past emotional baggage and hang onto your newfound strength. How to stop saying SORRY?

Keep loving, living, and sharing!!

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