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Are you having an Identity Crisis?

Are you facing the blurred identity or the hidden situation of an identity crisis??
If it comes with yes, then this is for you !!
Identity crisis
“Don’t let your stress to drive you at the phase of an IDENTITY CRISIS”


Well, I guess you know about the term “blurred identity”. But if you are new to this word, let me help you.  So, that you can analysis. 
Both of these are two words with a distinct meaning. But if you add both the word or pronounce, it gives different meanings in comparison to the first one.
Well, categorizing identity can be positive or baleful though we people prefer the exact definition rather than understanding the words by itself.
So, here is the sum up of my experience and acquaintance that I gathered on my voyage of understanding life.
Blurred identity, it’s not the disease that is diagnose by medicine practitioners rather it’s the phase that can come up all of sudden.
Or else can be discovered from a very early age. Probably, when we learn to believe and maintain a fake identity.
And if you are maintaining the fake identity from an early age then for sure you have a blurred identity.
In short, when you are not sure about your own identity, or feeling of possession of different characters rather being oneself.
Or the phase when you start questioning your own self-existence reason. Or what your values and purpose are?
if so, you may be going through the phase of blurred identity. Or which can be also simply understood as IDENTITY CRISIS. 
Questioning yourself is always stressful and confusing. But it’s completely normal to question who you are. How to find self-fulfillment?
And can actually be a good thing in the long run.
Knowing yourself helps you to adapt to the changes that we go through our lives which motivates you to grow as a better person.
However, when it starts to affect your daily thinking and perceptual functioning then may be you are going through blurriness or crisis of identity. 
Identity crisis
Let’s turn the page of the very beginning.
From getting birth to childhood. And heading to old age we cross different phase in our life. Infact even at our late age some of us are struggling to recognize our own identity.
And it’s not their mistake, because we carry the image of blurred identity from an early age. Probably, we learn this from our pre-existing environment.
But you never know when this pretending becomes your habit in a crowd of this world. Where everyone is struggling for a lavish and opulent life. Where pretense is the first step to climb and jump.
Living through the beginning of blurriness can lead you to an identity crisis. But there is a time when you feel tired of the blur. And ready for transparency.
And that’s the time you realize the purpose of life. And realize what you need. But having the wish also needs honesty of being oneself.
It is observed in certain age groups like, in teens or during middle age, as per research. Though, an identity crisis can be at any age and at any point in life.
The formation of identity is one of the incessant parts of a person’s life.
The blurriness of identity or identity crisis is also common among the people of mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression, and so on.
As per research, the factors that lead you to identity crisis is stress level, facing failure, relationship status, social support, going through traumatic events. UnrevealedThoughts
And things you can’t cope with and let yourself be destroyed. 
Well coming to this point, you are wondering about the exact symptoms then, let me clear you,there are no exact symptoms.
It’s not diagnosable that will include the signs of cold or anything else but when you are going through big change or stressors time and the questions like,
Who m I?
What are my purpose and where I’m heading?
Why I am unable to make understand my view?
And many confusing questions starts to interfere in your daily life. It’s the time you think about prioritizing yourself.
Let your mind, soul, and heart to find you rather getting aggressive and making yourself stressed. How to relieve stress?
People who made their strong commitment to an identity they tend to be happy and healthy overall than those who are not.
Only the thing that can help you is looking within to figure out the qualities, interests, passion that define you. And makes you worthy, whenever you feel confuse with your existence.
Therefore, just value your existence. And prioritize yourself, have time to have a strong coffee, or your favorite drink at your favorite place realizing yourself. UnrevealedThoughts
 Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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