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How to date yourself in 5 different ways?

Sometimes you need to build a great relationship with you. And for that, you don’t need to look for the respective partner. Here’s the way to date yourself.

I’ve written before about The Art of Living Single. , which is all about the ways of enjoying your single life. Single life is actually not boring as people have made a certain perception about it.

You may want to find a great guy to share your life but it’s a long journey in itself. You can’t find a good partner at the same time you desired.

Until then, take a break from chasing and giving your time and attention to them who really don’t care about your existence.

It’s true if you are not in a relationship, you are missing the late-night talks, flirtatious text turning to be a great scene. And probably a couple of holidays package offers.

But being single can be the wild ride.

Nevertheless, there is so much value in being single that people often overlook instead of embracing, accepting, and applauding.

So if you are planning to fly SOLO, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to have fun-fun with your soul presence and you won’t regret it!!

Actually, it’s a great way to take a break from all those dating games and relationship tantrums, where you can prepare yourself for the next coming relationship. Relationship: The millionaire one.

Therefore instead of dating them, date yourself. Yes, you heard me right !! – Date yourself,

Dating yourself means treating yourself exactly in the same way you would do with a romantic partner.

It’s all about prioritizing yourself from every aspect. But how do you date yourself? confused, right.

Here are 5 tips, that you can try which is from my personal vault.

  • Pick a place that has nice music. Take yourself out on dates, visit a place that is your favorite kind, but, makes sure the place you choose has a nice ambiance.

Feel free to treat yourself to a romantic candlelight dinner with your kind of music. For me, I would choose a place like a club but not exactly a club, decorated with Lavandula and white orchid.

Trust me, no one is going to judge you if you’re sitting alone on the corner or else anywhere you feel. The only thing that matters is your ecstasy, exhilaration, and the smile of self-satisfaction gained by self-exploration.

  • Embrace the moment. Dating is all about spending quality time with another one but here another one is YOU. Embrace every moment you feel, hug yourself – cry, do whatever you’re feeling at that distinctive point.
  • Don’t use your phone. I would really suggest you to not use your cell phones. Try to heal yourself. Try to cover the scratch patched of your life holding your drink. No matter if it requires a lot, sometimes it needed.

Focus on your surrounding, try to connect yourself instead of your loud phone.

  • Take a cheat day. Treat yourself to something lavishing that you were craving for a long time instead of following your fitness diet. Or, else you can serve yourself by cooking a yummy meal with a glass of wine, candles around it, and reliving music. What does a Perfect day look like?
  • Write yourself an inspiring and amiable love letter. The idea of dating can be daunting when you don’t feel like you completely love yourself. It’s not easy to acknowledge your self-worth, value, and existence. And a letter won’t prove it !!

But a letter-love letter that tells your ability, likes and dislikes, your negative traits and critic, obviously, gonna help you in long term.

Take some time to consider and then write the things that make you really happy and energizes you to handle all your traits.

Write a letter telling yourself, you don’t need a partner to be happy.

Above mentioned are the few tips that I really follow whenever I feel low. Dating yourself is not just an idea, it’s more than that. I may sound like weird or cheesy but in this portrayed world where coupling up is often seen as the right thing to do, these tips will really help you when you don’t wanna date.

And please don’t force yourself just because your inbox has an “ I Love You” text. Dating yourself is all about knowing yourself and having some crazy time with your vibe.

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Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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