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How to stop saying SORRY?

Just think, how many times you use the word SORRY on any random day. Probably four to five times a day. Well, that’s my calculation used to be. But we all need to stop saying Sorry.

Do you think you have a tendency of apologizing unnecessarily ?

OR, you are the person who bursts upon SORRY to end the required discussion because you don’t wanna hurt the opposite one.

These scenarios are so familiar to us, as saying sorry is a common problem. And it has been noticed that women apologize a lot in comparison to males.

The question is not who apologizes for how much. The raised question is, – why sorry lies on our tip of the tongue, and how to stop ourselves from being unnecessarily sorry? Flawless beauty: Be Yourself.

And is it necessarily a sign of weakness ?

Sorry is not just a word, it’s something strong that determines your worth, value, competencies, and the valid point of your existence.

Being sorry is not wrong when it’s required to be – like when you cancel the plans with friends, or when you missed the deadline, or else when you collide with someone in the street. At that point, you have to apologize realizing your entire fault.

And if you turn the page of your childhood, you may have learned to apologize when you have hurt a friend or anyone – accidentally or otherwise.

Some of us apologize freely as we feel it’s our mistake whereas some are compelled to say sorry even if there’s his/her fault.

Some of us feel shame for apologizing while others feels like glorification.

However we say, sorry is always used to express distress, mischief, or else our genuine heartfelt sorrow. The Art of Living Single.

But when it comes to apologizing unnecessarily, we end up making ourselves small and mitigating and diminishing. Sometimes over apologizing undermines your self worth over time.

Apologizing unnecessarily is nothing more than self-defeating.

The reason behind being SORRY every time can be your tendency to use SORRY in the first place.

It can be – Your immense care for other’s feelings, or might be you are not confident enough on your own, or else the feeling of anxiety, protectiveness, and agreeability.

However, apologizing excessively can be the result of a genuine desire to diminishes oneself. It can be problematic over time leading to negative effects on your own career.

Ways to stop saying SORRY to much and to eliminate yourself from sorry tendencies !!

Apologizing can be a powerful tool to maintain and build trust but constantly apologizing sends a message of you are being inadequate, undeserving, and so on.

Therefore, it’s high time to realize being sorry when you are actually not sorry is not OHK.

You need to stop apologizing unnecessarily. There’s no perfect.

* Before saying sorry to anyone ask yourself, “Have I done anything wrong here?”, “Is there my fault from any aspect?”, “Do I really need to apologize?”.

If the answer is straightly NO, then please don’t let your self-respect to be down and let others think you are incompetent.

And if there’s any clue of coming YES, Follow-up these questions repeatedly and then react.

* Have faith in you and your judgment. Because lack of faith in one’s own judgment makes you apologize simply assuming you are wrong.

* Express the feeling of care and compassion differently, there are many ways to show care in any relationship. But letting yourself down just because you care there feeling makes you upset and hollow from inside and you may never realize that.

* There’s no need to feel sorry when you need clarification, either it’s in your desk job or in a cafe with friends. No need to feel sorry for the things you have no idea because you are not only in this line.

So, just go and ask !!

* Try to turn your apologies into gratitude- listing out the points where you actually need to be Sorry!

This will focus your mind on positivity. Sensitive is actually good.

Coming up to this point in my life, one thing I am sure and that is, sorry is not a weakness but constantly being sorry makes you weak in front of other’s so-called mindset.

Therefore, it’s really high time to realize your base, your strength. And the importance of your existence which can be ruined by just a repeated word.

Start replacing your unwanted apologies with correct statements that can explain your point as it is.

And don’t forget, an insincere apology can often do more damage than no apology at all. Think before you speak and act !! And eliminate yourself from Sorry tendencies. (Profile.)

Keep loving, living and sharing!!

I'm an easygoing, passionate, and a bit humorous person. One of my favorite and best things is connecting with people through my words. For me, it's all about getting in touch with new people and discovering their life experiences.


  • Sangam

    Thanks for sharing. These points explained above are awesome and show the exact reason why we are compelled to feel like its just our fault because at the end of the day we always say sorry to save the friendship even if we have done nothing to ask apologies for.

  • Eleanor Jones

    I love these tips, thank you! I am a firm believer that we should apologise when we need to- and everyone could stand to be a bit more kind to each other- but people often over-apologise, and it can be quite a female-centred habit. We need to get in the habit of understanding when something is actually our fault x

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