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Have you got frenemies?


“It’s better to choose ENEMY than FRENEMY”

I think most of us have at least one or more. It’s like every one of us have frenemies in our life. UnrevealedThoughts

Before digging and getting deeper into the content,
Have you ever realized exactly when you can define anything without typing on the search box?
It’s the time when you have strong experience in something relevant probably, you don’t need a Google search box, and frenemy is similar to that. Unfortunately, we were far apart from realizing it, though we all have at least frenemies in our life.
Well, if it comes to the definition of this portmanteau word. My experience will explain it “as the friend who pretends to be your best friend but is actually the biggest rival and envious or who don’t support or help you” (a blended word made by combining friend and enemy).
I am not sure but might be for some it can be a new word on their dictionary as I faced a few years ago !! But it’s just the opposite to that, we all have frenemies probably from a very early age and we never cared that.
From getting birth and growing and growing under the same sky we cross different phases. And on every phase, we get some good friends and tag one of them as best friends for our relevant and irrelevant talk.
But with old school friends, there is a different kind of attachment. That leads us to share our school tiffin to punishment and further plan to share the same dining table and if possible same wedding hall.
Unfortunately, it remains on the dream and we start running after these competitive cat races to conquer the world.
As days pass and our schedule gets more complicated we met a lot of people on a regular basis whom we start calling our friends but, not like those innocent childhood souls.
And that’s the time I think we get and face a lot of frenemies while it’s not compulsory, might be the childhood innocent soul can come out to be frenemies.
But the emphasized thing is that frenemy can befriend, colleague, family member, or else whom you think closer. How to find self-fulfillment?
“Friends posing in front of the camera can be
behind the camera.”
They look innocuous and will keep friendly appearances but deep down they feel sad when you win and vice-versa.
With their aggressive nature of being jealous they may harm you and can make you miserable without your concern. Sadly, frenemies are so common in our circle. Because of our egoistic human nature that doesn’t wants to tolerate success or amazing things done by others in their life and keeps complaining and feeling down.
If you are looking for the sign of frenemies then a few of them are,
Talking behind your back
Never happy with your status updates
The intention of hurting you
Misleading your advice and
Most importantly sign of jealousy,
However, if you heed, as every aspect has pros and cons, so do frenemies have.
There are true benefits to having a positive and healthy relationship with someone who is also a good rival if you built it properly.
It sounds weird and quite perplexing, right?
But they can turn positive too for your path to career success and goal accomplishment. If not as a good one then it might be as a good competitor who will motivate you to work harder and meet the deadline.
Having frenemies can inspire you. And makes you think comprehensively from all considering approaches which will definitely make you a better employee. Relationship: The Millionaire one.
And to achieve your eyeing promotion. Well in short, “the competition will keep you charged” which will affect positively overall. Of course, you shouldn’t be mean. But it’s quite better to keep a healthy emotional distance though sometimes it’s working for you.
Nevertheless, don’t let yourself get swamped in the name of a so-called relationship especially when it’s not working anymore. And any relationship which doesn’t contribute to our wellbeing shouldn’t be tolerated. We should compulsorily exercise our personal right to eliminate such a relationship. Even though it seems harder at the time but it’s your life.
And if any relationship isn’t serving you in a better way you are completely entitled to eliminate which is quite better than tolerating the toxic relationship. 
It doesn’t mean that you don’t care or all of sudden you will stop caring(quite impossible) about the person involved with you in a relationship instead of that, it just that your closeness will get a boundary line.
So in the end, you might be thinking about how to select a best friend ?? 
Let me tell you, there is nothing like selection because everyone is a good friend in different ways. And with the time everything just gets changed, this special one can turn into some random stranger in no time.
Therefore, don’t make yourself exhausted if that is not working for you..! Getting frenemies in your life is all Ok in one sense as it motivates you. UnrevealedThoughts
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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  • Rusha chauhan

    Well, Never take your friend seriously than your carrier .You shouldn't give a huge time to them .They can spoil your lives.I like this blog ya, Everything will be changed as in friendship Rusha will be changed into musha and some nicknames and after passing time we stop talking . choose your friend and ya friend is not only one who will support you but also scold you in your bad works. Life is. A wave with compression and rarefaction they are only for memories not for whole life.friends are changeable and jealous comes from our secretion of hormones.Its natural.Your teacher,Your family will only supports you And If you are lucky enough than only friends

  • Saroj Kumar Sah

    Wow di, the words, really, reveled the facts about the reality of the people as per changing time and situation,,,
    And moreover the word “frenemy ” really depicts the monsters in friendly faces….

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