How to deal with the post-breakup situation?

“Don’t let yourself be swamped in the name of a relationship.”

Getting a relationship bruised is normal if you consider the present scenario. But though few real hearts suffer a painful breakup. It sucks when the relationship you thought will take the path of a happy ending gets stuck in the middle of the one-way highway. ( Post-breakup )

There remains nothing except mourning the loss of your ingenious thought.

You really can’t avoid the pain of your innocent heart, craving mind, and eyes full of phantasm. You can’t bury the memory you made with the then person of your life. It takes your inner soul’s peace. Turning a little back, UnrevealedThoughts

We met in higher secondary school. Eventually, we started dating and fell in love. He was my first-morning text to last before bed. Everything was great and great. We made memories and dreams associated with it.

He was my entire reason for existence. But suddenly, a crack started making its place. And our ignorance was an opportunity to grab the plot. And then one morning-a cold foggy January morning-we broke up !! We ended the thread that was connecting us.

It felt like I’m right back there where I started. The trust, expectation, and every meaningful word became meaningless – worthless within a second.

I lost the right of being his and unfortunately, I can’t ask. Because his NO was quite a loud opposite to my broken me. Because my presence started hurting him. Well, this was me !! A few months ago me.

But dealing with a breakup or like situation after a breakup is often awful. And, The post-breakup situation is tragic. You feel hollow and senseless even to deal with the next coming better situation. It numbs your sense of self and can wreck your balance.

It took me a long time to get out of this but still, some crazy nights drive me somewhere on the depth of his imagination. And again it takes a lot of me to get back every morning with courage and a box of self-love.

I know that everyone has their own story and they cope differently. I can’t advise you or suggest you without getting the points. But the thing I can do is share the moments and the thing that helped me to confront myself. I’m not sure you may relate or not but I’m sure reading this will make you feel better and full of the idea of self-love.

Here are the few things you can go through to deal with the post-breakup.

The first week after my breakup, I was cold, sluggish, and unproductive. I gave time to myself to realize the things that this weekend compelled me to face. After my breakup, one of the most difficult things was the feeling of “I need to start over.” For that, you need a lot of strength and courage. And that’s what you don’t have at that particular phase.

I started enjoying my silence, it was laborious but It was the requirement of me. Give yourself a well-relaxed break from all sorts. Don’t ever look for temporary attachment-that often gets harmful.

It’s OK to not follow your desired schedule and be unproductive. Even I was dull and lingering. Take your time to feel better but assure yourself you will return with the same old energetic and brave soul.

Feeling lonely after a breakup is a normal thing. Don’t ever suppose you are heading towards depression which may surely will. Express yourself openly. Chat with friends who have been through a breakup. Listen to your tunes either its gadgets one or chirping of nature. Love or Attachment??

Don’t forget every scar can be healed yet some require more time- but it will be.

Mercifully, we are living in the age of digital which makes our life easier. Scrolling and uploading have been part of the daily schedule. Well sounds funny, but I used to spend my first weeks of a breakup just scrolling and Netflix. If you think it will help you, go ahead !!

If you think chatting with new people or interacting with new souls makes you happy, go for it. But be careful !! Don’t carry the baggage of your old betrayed relationship. It will make you turn tomorrow. But just restrict yourself from living such baggage.

I understand it’s hard to answer the question that’s still on your mind-but sometimes it’s better to be unanswered.

You may feel, “Is this going to happen with my next relationship, too?” this kind of question may suck you but if you really wanna escape such a question, you need to be confident and strong enough to deal.

After some time when you feel like healing, you may address your faults or weak points. You may answer the raised question, only if your whole system allows it. Acknowledge what went wrong and resolve not to let it happen again. Never try to be hard on yourself. Give time to yourself, so that you will realize your point.

Cutoff some souls if they are hurting you.

And more importantly, it’s the world you may meet your ex someday around. And there comes a sudden test paper which you have to pass. Indeed, you can’t ignore the incident and for a sec the resemblance is enough to make you remember the whole suffering. You don’t need to be angry or act nice as nothing worse is there.

If you guys get a common point on life’s street, just act like a normal human with respect. Don’t force yourself to make a long conversation which may often lead to a past incident.

Just be you behaving with random one though he/she is not random. And if things don’t get better even after a long time you are feeling stressed. I would request you to seek help. You may consider visiting a counselor or anyone whom you trust. Or else my email is always there to listen to your unheard emotion and something troubling.

Do what makes you feel great and exuberant. Just don’t let your innocent heart rest in less. And suffer because of post-breakup. And don’t let yourself down every time just because it happened to you. Take it positively, as much you can. How to cope when you have been told you’re UGLY?

Keep loving, living, and sharing!! (Profile.)

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