Her Journey

  • Her Journey

    She is the trouble maker: Probably a good one !!

    Trouble maker, it sounds like a taunt to someone. Let see, how it can turn..!! She remembers and definitely can assure, she was not the Trouble maker during her school days. She neither created nor was part of any arguments that would tag her as a trouble-maker. As a little girl, she used to spend hours staring at that cabinet full of beautiful and eye-catching dresses and sorting through her mum’s jewelry boxes. UnrevealedThoughts She often tried mum’s jewelry and gaze herself in front of the mirror draping red, yellow, and colorful sarees. With time, and the education that she gained, made her a confident energetic soul who is always…

  • Her Journey

    How to cope when you’ve been told you are ugly?

    You are not UGLY, you just look like yourself !! It’s necessary to cope when you have been told you are ugly. Let go of the illusion that makes you believe in other’s opinions. Everyone is beautiful in their own way is the most common response you get, whenever you broach the subject of beauty. Meanwhile, deep down everyone gets jealous staring at those cover pages of magazines that are almost featured by fair definition of beauty and its standards. Fair-who defined the definition of fair? and what exactly it looks like? It’s pre-existing thought of people passing from you and me without the fear. And if you contemplate, no…

  • Her Journey

    He-Him-His struggles to express the feelings !!

    Why it’s always Strong Men and Caring Women ?? Caring men and Strong women can’t be ?? Men are always been taught their certain aspects of personality are not acceptable, why? Negative, hollow, and insignificant stereotypes about boys are prevailing. And teaching them “to hold their emotions secretly” or “to cry privately” where only he can listen, his unwhispered voice. We often hear women are the victims and males are the culprits but actually, it’s not always true. The other side is still there. It’s our fault that we have created this society. In such a way, that woman feels as though they have particular stereotypes to live up to…

  • Her Journey

    A note of HER journey: Truth speaks !!

    Last night I got an email, unusual email from her who prefers to hide her name but wanna share a portion of her journey on my blog dashboard. I requested her to come up. And tell everyone “this one is you” but probably her feet are still bound by the iron chains of the so-called disgusting belief of society. (Women Empowerment.) UnrevealedThoughts She is the victim of this concocted culture established by the thought of a male-dominated society. She says, Yeah, I agree, I’m a girl, who is not fairly white and not fairly brown but just a normal girl. A girl with dreams and aspirations who expect to be…

  • Her Journey

    “The one who bleeds every day”😊😊.

    No sooner I will say bleed, people around me will start pondering about Period.💭💭 Actually No… Not! Here today I’m not going to talk about Menstruation. (The one who bleeds everyday.) In fact, I don’t find Period is any great issue that we need to ask for its authentication or validation for bleeding. Frankly speaking, it’s the issue that needs to be raised with elevated focus. And awareness is required rather than posting a post on your wall( Facebook profile) considering “proud to bleed.” It would be better if you join the helping hands of an awareness campaign rather than gossiping and laughing on red-stained jeans. Well, coming back to…


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