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A note of HER journey: Truth speaks !!

“No one asked me what I wanna be but everyone restricted me for what I am.”

Last night I got an email, unusual email from her who prefers to hide her name but wanna share a portion of her journey on my blog dashboard. I requested her to come up. And tell everyone “this one is you” but probably her feet are still bound by the iron chains of the so-called disgusting belief of society. (Women Empowerment.) UnrevealedThoughts

She is the victim of this concocted culture established by the thought of a male-dominated society. She says,

Yeah, I agree, I’m a girl, who is not fairly white and not fairly brown but just a normal girl. A girl with dreams and aspirations who expect to be realized and validated by this society. And live life in a garden bursting with tulips. And what makes me girl-my biological structure!!

The structure that owns a different place in this society, on the mindset of people and the constitution of the country. And compelled to face stereotypes of this society. Trust me, my every sense shouts and screams and says I don’t accept to be a girl if it means looking down as you are not a part of this society.

Often she gets roll down like a ball on the floor when the daylight starts turning gloomy and dark. I’m sure no girl wishes to be a girl at least once in their life because everywhere there is a sense of making you down.

We do a lot to protect her from evil eyes. (women empowerment )

But though she gets harassed by the same society and the blame game ends upon her.

I’m not saying boys don’t suffer but not on elevated levels like us. Have you ever seen a boy getting catcalled by groups of girls, it’s rare, right but not rare for us !! She adds,

My age and dream were growing continuously without any stoppage until puberty hit me. As the hairline started visibly my wings got narrow day by day. My age never left me alone, it was growing as rapidly as it could and that was something I wanna hold- I wanna have control because the  kite carrying enthusiastic dreams got invisible somewhere in the so-called “not to do.” There’s no perfect.

I wanna grow with my dreams along with age but I lost my dreams somewhere on the back.

It’s tough to get that kite when it’s patriarchy with enough hidden orthodoxies. That gets revealed at every stage of your life with new challenges and a “not-to-do list.”

And in case, if I get that kite(means ready to step ahead from family no to do), how can I forget there is still society standing just in front of my innocent dreams carrying a wide “not-to-do list”.

I requested-begged, screamed-shouted for my dreams every morning till the sun turns into a giant orange, and in the end, my voice got the place. Hold on,

My voice got a place by locking me in a dark room where no one else could listen to me, except me !!

My dream of conquering the dream was itself a big dream for me. But I never let my spirit of fighting be down against these hollow and trivial values.

In the end, I had two options. Either to be in that dark room waiting for a day or to create a day by myself. My spirit-self belief and confidence helped me to select the second option of rushing towards my dream-my kite. Being productive and leaving everything behind, somewhere I don’t wanna look back. ( Women empowerment )

Eventually, I did and I was happy with myself. In a relationship with narcissist.

But after a long-struggling and contending year, I visited there with some valid points. Unfortunately, I heard the gossip of being a burden for my family and society. They remember me not for my achievement but as a loud voice that often annoys them.

Well, I’m still on my way to stand as I believe in myself, my strength, and my spirituality.

No one asked me what I want to be but everyone restricted me for what I am. Coming back from HER note,

There’s no evidence that proves the desire to hold dreams, acquire skills, and receive affirmation for accomplishment are less in women than in men. So, why still do we find a huge difference in attitudes of a person regarding ambitions ??

I have seen the women telling their experiences in connection with their ambitions and so does this content is..!! So we need more women empowerment awareness.

In a very real sense, it’s the time to countenance the fact that she can have the dream and comfortable life where they are free to express, without fear of vengeance with confidence and high self-esteem.😊 Love-Like-Lust.

Keep loving, living, and sharing !!! (Profile.)

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