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    Unsolicited Opinions From Random people.

    The opinion is a statement or judgment formed about something apart from the fact. And, unsolicited opinions, the statement is often given whether we want them or not. Unfortunately, the second one is immensely popular without realizing the negative spin. Let’s begin with my chapter. Down the memory lane, I’m a fairly brown girl. I have curls and well defined small waist and rounded bottom and a little more than to wafer-thin, willowy. Growing up, I was the talk of my family. Especially, for being brown and thin. Every visited guest would knock me and make fun of me. They also advised randomly. And, this continued for long years. The…

  • Emotional intimacy

    Intimacy: Easy way to Build An Emotional Intimacy.

    Intimacy, the state of being intimate. A noun that describes an interpersonal relationship, an amorously familiar act. The word is all around with the meaning of “sexual relationship.” But in actuality, it may also be a non-sexual relationship. Considering that, today we will talk about the signs of Emotional Intimacy. Emotional Intimacy. Self Care, The ultimate guide. There’s the difference between intimacy that touches your neckline and the one that flames to burn your soul with kindness. Meanwhile, Intimacy isn’t just sex or romancing late at night. It’s a passion for deep connection through conversation under spilled light moon holding each other emotionally. Because there’s nothing more important in life…

  • Personal Development

    5 Reasons, Why being Highly Sensitive Is Actually Good?

    People often dislike being sensitive, they think they are being weak. But they are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. Scroll down to read, the 5 reason for being highly sensitive is actually good. Identifying your real feeling is an important step in overcoming emotional sensitivity. Determine what you are feeling exactly in your term and once you labeled your emotion – your feeling, you will be able to uncover the reason for being this way !! There’s no perfect. And if you found the reasons for being sensitive, then relax – it’s not bad to be sensitive as addressing is far better than letting it…

  • Her Journey

    A note of HER journey: Truth speaks !!

    Last night I got an email, unusual email from her who prefers to hide her name but wanna share a portion of her journey on my blog dashboard. I requested her to come up. And tell everyone “this one is you” but probably her feet are still bound by the iron chains of the so-called disgusting belief of society. (Women Empowerment.) UnrevealedThoughts She is the victim of this concocted culture established by the thought of a male-dominated society. She says, Yeah, I agree, I’m a girl, who is not fairly white and not fairly brown but just a normal girl. A girl with dreams and aspirations who expect to be…

  • Personal Development

    How to be Perfect: there’s no perfect exists.

    The purpose of our life is to be happy and satisfied. And in pursuit of happiness, we start looking for perfection thinking it will definitely satisfy us. How to be Perfect: there’s no perfect exists. Although, we agree perfection is not attainable the wants of making everything perfect get closer. Instead of doing the things that make our hearts exuberant and satisfy, we flee for the so-called perfection theory. But just give yourself time and realize “What is the word perfection for you?” Relationship: The millionaire one. Is that, getting the favorite color of shoes-later on causing blisters, or being in the relationship with the same guy you fantasized about…


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