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How to be Perfect: there’s no perfect exists.

The purpose of our life is to be happy and satisfied. And in pursuit of happiness, we start looking for perfection thinking it will definitely satisfy us. How to be Perfect: there’s no perfect exists.

Although, we agree perfection is not attainable the wants of making everything perfect get closer. Instead of doing the things that make our hearts exuberant and satisfy, we flee for the so-called perfection theory.

But just give yourself time and realize “What is the word perfection for you?” Relationship: The millionaire one.

Is that, getting the favorite color of shoes-later on causing blisters, or being in the relationship with the same guy you fantasized about and concluded him as your perfect life partner. But with times it comes to be a toxic one. Or else living a so-called life where your pretending is killing you..!!

Seeking perfection at a particular task or stage might be achievable. Probably you can get the perfect job you desired but yet the goal of assuming perfect life is a completely different story.

The belief in perfection is rooted in the mindset of people. As we have been taught “we need to be perfect with our marks, routine and moving ahead with our life.”

Running after this so-called “perfection” cat race to label as “perfectionist”, we completely forget ourselves.

And it’s not even our fault !! Because we move relentlessly on the emphasize and greater side of perfection instead of satisfaction as heredity passing from generations.

Perfect is a trap with a bogus and fictitious concept which is impossible. But though people prefer to be the part of that fictitious world. Everything in beginning looks perfect but over time it turns to be your bad selection, however, it’s not compulsory.

I believe there is nothing perfect in this portrayed world-no humans, no relationship, no life, and obviously not even YOU !!

If it would be perfect then I think people won’t ask for the option after tagging one as “perfect”. Or won’t look for the next relationship-where the previous one was fantasized perfect.

There is nothing perfect to exist. And that is a fact we have to deal with-either it’s a relationship or your life !! Falling in Love with Stranger.

The concept of perfection has a little bit of flavor of imperfection. As sometimes we even don’t know what exactly we expect from life, though after having a perfect relationship, dinner, job, and so on.

And somewhere if you heard that your friends, cousins, or neighbors are having a perfect relationship- then stop believing them on !!

And making yourself down, where deep down you have no idea what exactly is going there in life-as we love to pretend and showcase “a perfect happy”. Even your TV shows never telecast the perfect life. And if they are telecasting, the moral(end) shows satisfaction matters then perfection.

The real thing to perfection is the ability to be fully present in your life. Living the life to fullest and self-allowed to be in the moment without any disturbing or diverting or self-doubting thoughts. But the habit of seeking perfection makes us unable to enjoy the moment where criticizing and judging life is on the primary level.

Even there, exactly there !! We all know perfect is impossible, unachievable, unrealistic and so on but though why we run after so-called perfection ??

Is it so hard to convince yourself or you don’t wanna be realistic what’s the matter ??

Frankly, if you run after perfect trying to make perfection as an incessant part of your life, you will start getting insecurities. And if your life doesn’t meet the expectation of being perfect, then for sure you are heading to anxiety leading to depression.

Rather than pushing yourself to change with over analyzing head to the comments thrown at you, it’s quite better to make your own world with high self-esteem. UnrevealedThoughts

It’s better for us to realize and accept the fact of fictitious perfection and indulge ourselves with every sort of living and real happiness with no comparison.

There is no compulsion of satisfaction only when your expectation meets or desire gets fulfill. Or you have a high possession.

Sometimes you have to convenience yourself to be satisfied when actually you are not. It seems quite hard to do for all of us but you must understand that “It is hard to satisfy with life if you are not satisfied with yourself”.

The search for satisfaction leads me here on the blog board as I got to define my passion. So I expect you all to follow your passion with a smile. And accomplish your most awaited goal.

And remember – There’s no perfect exist !! Love-Like-Lust.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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