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What does it feel to be Harassed?

Thoughts come and go – like clouds but some turn to be tempest – like a storm. It’s not necessary to visit the rough patch for getting thoughts – the intense one !! (What does it feel to be Harassed?)

You can get it just by sitting on your couch holding your favorite drink. Or else, all of sudden on the silent night or busy and loud hulking night. It holds the power of changing your whole perception towards a particular thing-incident or else a person. And, the word harassed or assaulted is the one.

Thoughts are the statement that we generate from our brain and feelings are the emotions that we feel from the body. So, thoughts and feelings are connected in a way or otherwise.

And I was stuck between these two. I won’t lie – my fingertips got freeze whenever I thought to write. But though, I couldn’t hold myself. I couldn’t hold the thought that I get even in silence pleasuring moment. I have a lot to say, a lot and the confusion from where to start was the main reason behind dropping it.

But I’m glad – I’m here with this writing and I hope you will find it true in a way.

Harassment, Harassed.

It’s not compulsory to go through the path of an unusual fear, trepidation to understand the depth of harassment. One can speculate the whole plot. A note of HER.

Harassment is a lot in itself and the occurrence of this situation in someone’s life makes them lose the presence of their realness. The problem created by it is nothing less than devastation.

It holds the power of changing the whole plot of an individual’s life.

It feels like you are losing yourself – slowly but continuously, you remain silent but your mind gets loud even in the gleeful situation. Numerous thoughts hit you which include,- either it’s harassment or not, or probably he was cracking a joke, or else is that happened….!!

It’s sad that we still think harassment is limited to making you uncomfortable by touching you. While the truth is, it’s a far broad concept than people think and prefer to overlook.

People even doubt themselves either the sensation they felt is right or wrong or else it is just their mind that is playing. It leads you to a way where you face the questions that you never thought will exist and unfortunately, you won’t be able to answer.

The inner disturbance of your soul hunts you every moment of realization until and unless you tag it as harassment. And then the real demolition of an innocent soul initiates.

Should I share or even is this a matter to be talked about, what if they won’t believe or what if they will blame my nature of presenting myself and a lot of WH will hit you continuously and you can’t – can’t help yourself.

Every sec starts getting rugged and laborious, your reflection gets blur and you just can’t deny the incident though you try hard.

You try to run from yourself – actually from that harsh and violent incident that left you messed up. You wish to erase the mark written on your flesh and your mind, that is made by stepping on your self-respect.

The scars might be for a few days but it leaves the print which remains exactly there. (Read more about scars: Hidden emotional scars speak the most. )

Your struggle starts with you but though you can’t fight back as if you are hollow from inside. The raised numerous question in your mind remain unanswered and that kills you more. And, this one is the moment you need a warm hug and a listener who won’t judge you.

Sexually harassed or assault is not your fault.

The one who understands you and tries to be the warrior against your fear.One who can tell – “harassment is not your fault.” And gives you space where you can bloom again with the same strong fragrance. It will take time but you need the one who can wait and keeps motivating you.

Facing this hilarious – terrifying situation and then blooming again is a long journey of ups and downs, fear and fight, and a lot.

The thing we can improve from letting someone go through this screwed and rugged situation is to make them brave enough to understand and can address their sensation.

The sensation they felt is consensual or not..!! Impart them the broad area of harassment.

Tell them it’s not only touching your body in a wrong way, but it can also be verbally or in any other way which makes you uncomfortable as a recipient. Give them enough space so they can come and talk with you rather than choosing to hide and be self-suffering.

And definitely, it will lead to losing self-esteem, confidence heading to depression, and ….suicide – if not raised and considered.

We see today’s children are enjoying the age of digital. They know much more than required, which is good in a way – otherwise.

But knowing about social sites, the platform is not enough. They must know the consequences of every button they press and the timeline they scroll. Apart from this, Troublemaker but Good one.

The children know much more about their body parts – that’s enough good.

But as harassment, rape, molestation has no gender and can happen to all age groups, then, why this age limitation to know about good and bad in touch?

We teach our children their body parts names before enrolling them into school and making them recognize the alphabet. Then, why can’t we teach them about good touch and bad touch at the same moment?

Don’t you think it’s important than the alphabet that they will surely learn at their respective age?

I’m not assuring that this may erase the child molestation rather s/he will get to know and can address the feeling that they feel when someone touches them intentionally or not.

The point I wanna crack is, if we can make our children know their body parts. Then we should make them able to understand what part of the body should be touched and what not.

And teach them to raise their voice, however, they can – suffering is not the solution and it won’t be. There’s no perfect.

Let’s not discuss on closed-door or close TV on some random ads. Because that’s how you create suspense in their mind. I just want no one should face the situation of losing themselves because it takes a lot of them to get back on track.

Though it seems impossible as they can’t be the old energetic soul. Something will always be there to pinch them-but don’t stop healing and believing.

It’s unacceptable as it leaves the print that you can’t erase for a lifetime. It’s hard to believe but it destroys them from inner, it splits them in part that trust just remains a word. (someone’s experience)

Don’t let any soul endure and get isolate on their own. Raise voice that’s what you have with full authority. Because you haven’t done anything to lose or get punished, never. It’s the person who harassed you or mistreated you.

Keep loving, living, and sharing!! UnrevealedThoughts

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  • Tisha

    Thank you for writing about this..such a huge and important topic. It takes courage to pen down and share thoughts about harassment.

    I would suggest for you in future to focus on one purpose while writing – this piece is beautiful yet it is divided between trying to invoke feelings and impart awareness. Maybe just make it about one thing and make two separate blogs instead.

    Also, I love your suggestion about teaching children good touch and bad touch. In Australia, children as young as 2 are taught about this. This should definitely be more openly discussed in our culture and communities as well.

    Keep writing..keep being brave! 🧡

    • Sidhi

      Thank you, your words mean a lot to me. In fact the souls like you motivate me to write more and more. And i will consider your thing to.
      Keep visiting 🧡 and sharing.

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