Cleavage to sleeveless
Her Journey

The Line Between Cleavage To Sleeveless.

The Line Between Cleavage To Sleeveless defames more, presently. Don’t you all feel trapped? Inside this fascinating counterfeit world bounded by restrictions. Unable to perform the things that make conscious sense to your existence. Something like “not allowed” feeling hopeless. Some days like barely willing to get out of bed as if there are lumps all over there. Everything seems perfect. And the future seems certain yet uncertain for the ambitious soul who wants to write every page as the paradigm.

The Line Between Cleavage To Sleeveless. Image from Pixabay.

She feels trapped-drained surrounded by lethargic stereotypes. The term insomnia is an excuse to all those who aimlessly ignored the voice, that gets place under the blank and silent ceiling. The social construct and protocols guided but the yearning of cleavage to sleeveless was closely inside the wooden wardrobe.

Let HER Live.  Unrevealed Thoughts

She likes the pictures-read the notifications. And, unlock the wooden multifariously, trying to unlatch the inclination. The inclination towards cleavage is counter to all those so-called beliefs of caging apparel.

You adorned your body line with every strap to cleavage and sleeveless to high-slit as normal individuality by default. But these fake and statistically less than minimal beliefs of so-called eminent contractors of society uphold the “provoking nature.”

Ever you walked around your corridor holding a glass of wine-sorry, not allowed. Let me rephrase it, holding a glass of water, late at night. Trying to contend with all those hushed yet hunting characters that are prevailing holding a flag over the dream castle of abundant wings.

The dumb step, making sure no one is watching you. At that midnight dealing with their voice that is limiting you. Whenever she walks around, she crosses the miles and miles of nuisance-heartache unaddressed and unsettled gathering courage to wear the sleeveless. She realizes how she fought back to be here today and still standing though the suffering is in multiplication. Why is Life complicated for you?

Yea, the journey from cleavage to sleeveless was not easy-no never! She is fighting. The battle for the women’s choice of dressing that is deemed as inappropriate and indecent.

This is not only for her to have sleeveless. It’s something more to stop shaming for strap-cleavage or high-slit showing thighs. Or, boys choosing pink or any color including tattoos and body piercing.

From very early,

From very early, girls have been taught to hide their bodies. And can’t feel proud and confident for the flaws they have. Instead of being comfortable and happy, they teach them to hide their collarbones picturing the boys as over hormonal. The belief of dress codes putting the male in elevated beam sexualizes the girls with each strap she changes. This not only points to a specific gender, but it also affects the whole wearer’s perceptions.

It’s not new to objectify girls based on the cuts her outfit has or the tattoos. This is prevailing from the generations, raising voices or the clashes inside and outside to live the way she wants choosing the wardrobe she wants.

The textbook she read says, “male-dominated society.” And long contemplating leads to confirming as her shopping bag is full of slits and shorts. But covered with a long gown which only allows the visibility of fingertips.

The more she scrolls, the more she feels dehumanizing insecurity and is all because of this traditional dress-code way. Asking her to cover to protect the patriarchal mindset and the misogynist is long-gone days in the name of dignity of women.

The points that makes difference. The friend Zone is a toxic mindset.

The belief that is selectable with ethnic dress minimizing the crimes is wrong if you pay the scene from the grassroots level.

The perceptions differ. But criminalizing the thought and enhancing the belief of, she asks it, depending upon the attire is just a filthy practice that we are living. No wonder, her attire may attract attention but that is not only the case. Also, the body language-which is normal to behave. The pervert eye finds anything as seeking and grabbing. And, that is enhanced by the stigma around who finds HER upliftment as threatening the masculine ego.

The silent indoor corridor war and the feminist movement are there. But it’s high time to see from the eye of individuality and set her-him free to choose.

It’s not the females that need to be restricted. Instead, it’s thoughts that are ingrained during upbringing. That resulted in making judgments and shaming and symbolizing. And, making the scene around day-night, restaurant, or anywhere.

We talk about women empowerment and on the other head we blame her for wearing the dress she liked, don’t you think this excites the misogynist to go on a long way? – I think this double-face is the filth that needs to end.

It’s the time to countenance the fact that she can have the dream and comfortable life where they are free to express, without fear of vengeance with confidence and high self-esteem.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing. Female masturbation is no longer taboo.

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