The passion of a young girl to choose the desired spotlight by all her hardwork.
Her Journey

The Reality: Me and Spotlight.

The presence of a soul in the spotlight is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s another Year, Yet, my combat is on the initial phase, the dissenting one. Dates changed, the hashtag of New Year-New Me is there on my wall. But the thing that’s still the same is my battle. One-sided battle to make every “YOU” understand “let me bloom…!” (The Reality: Me and Spotlight.”)

“Keep on going, The Spotlight is exactly there.” The Reality: Me and Spotlight.

New Year acts as a motivator. The things gonna change and asking to be hopeful but that’s even irrelevant for the soul who’s fighting the same war for the last 22 years. It may gonna sound wretched and kind of dismal-but the hope for change is still minimal, yet I’m standing.

The battle-one sided asking for validation-respect-own space to bloom-no comments on physique-sexual preferences-so-called marriage age-burdens of responsibility and a lot that even I can’t mention.

You and Me, irrespective of gender we suffer in a way or otherwise but the suffering is really more on HER heads than HIS. (The Reality: Me and Spotlight.)

Being a girl is still burdensome. Everyone around starts preparing you for the multitude of obligations that you have to perform.

We enjoy labeling as the modern era which is the absence of equality in its real sense.

The teaching is all about “a good woman, obliged one.” Meanwhile, I want to be a woman first. How to cope when you have been told you’re UGLY?

The lessons we get revolve around being good-good for every tied relationship either you approach or not. Ever thought, the race of being so-called good kills the essence of an individual brutally….!!

There’s a long list of “to do” and “not to do” that every SHE should follow in order to be acceptable in this male privileged society.

You won’t find the one who will ask you to flourish the way you want….hold on, don’t forget your wants need permission to be acceptable.

There’s a lot of discussion going on around the world considering women. But the first table discussion should be inside the home – I genuinely feel so.

There are numerous articles on “women role” that she must perform but fewer articles that encourage, “to be HER” first. That’s the reason I’m with (The Reality: Me and Spotlight.)

I’m around 22 and the number of restrictions I faced during my early days is in multiplication. I’m a tagged trouble maker. Troublemaker but Good one.

Because this 22 is not in the way of carrying the silence. Or, else the so-called hireling declarer of the society who wants to run the whole system in their own value even if that’s stepping on someone’s dream castle. I’m a trouble maker because my dream and its existence have a voice against the contractor of the society-includes my own family ones.

I have been told, you will go from someone’s daughter-wife-mum-granny…but they never told me to “be yourself.” And, to choose the journey you crave.

There’s still a long way to find my desired spotlight. And no wonder, the journey will be rugged. But the desire of accomplishing an elevated intense beam is enough as it works as the morning positive rays on my sleepy face.

I’m in my growing phase and nothing is exciting yet painful, blood between the legs. I ask for similar things required by any other common man of society- a space to flourish with all my imperfect flaws without the fear of losing ME in the crowd of HIS. But none of these are considered mine as a basic human right.

(Even my imperfect and deformed and shabby flaws are perfect for me.But why I need to be acceptable..?)

Silence, Speaks, Volumes.
Live Free

I want to be treated well with respect, not because of the position I’m holding around you rather, for being a normal human. By default, I’m allowed-nothing in advance.

I want space-my own space where I’m allowed to be wrong. Just don’t put the baggage of she should and shouldn’t. Give space to be HER first.

The presence of mine should be compulsory where the subject is ME without any kind of taunt on gender.

And, when it comes to drafting and developing a presentation, I want my credit with equal pay, rightfully.

SEX…Why is it so unnatural when she asks for it in the first place? Her sexual requirement is as natural as his one. Nothing is kind of taboo when it comes to having sexual preferences.

There are a few things that should be completely optional for ME and HER to follow or not. And, that includes having choices, being in a relationship, marriage, and children, polite, fluctuation of emotions. And a lot-ask the one who’s around you!!

I’m still on my way to being strong to face one-sided boundary and to break it. To let people understand to evolve as Human first and then she and he.

Frankly, I don’t think this so-called misogynist mindset gonna change miraculously. But, this post is for the whole generation of mine considering their suffering, who is running after the elevated intense beam without any blue print-God bless you!!

Me and You, we all are the same irrespective of gender. So, let’s evolve first as human and respect each one of us, by default.

Things don’t always go according to what we planned. That’s why I guess the only thing we could do is being hopeful. And take a step ahead to break the stereotypes. What does it feel to be harassed?

I can feel the pressure of being strong and independent by tearing out the odds of society. But, just don’t forget the brightness of the spotlight (The Reality: Me and Spotlight) that you gonna cherish. Let’s keep moving …! One day, things will go in our favor.

For now, let’s work and live the moment. Therefore, 2021 is ours to walk-it’s all our time to be happy and healed.

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!! 2021

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