Her Journey

“The one who bleeds every day”😊😊.

No sooner I will say bleed, people around me will start pondering about Period.💭💭

Actually No… Not!
Here today I’m not going to talk about Menstruation. (The one who bleeds everyday.)
In fact, I don’t find Period is any great issue that we need to ask for its authentication or validation for bleeding.
Frankly speaking, it’s the issue that needs to be raised with elevated focus. And awareness is required rather than posting a post on your wall( Facebook profile) considering “proud to bleed.”
It would be better if you join the helping hands of an awareness campaign rather than gossiping and laughing on red-stained jeans.
Well, coming back to my content…📑📑 UnrevealedThoughts
I think I bleed every day, Yeah, every day…Relax, there is something more 😇 to tell.
This lockdown made me realize that the monthly bleed is not only the bleed that I bleed.
I bleed when every morning, I get up feeling nostalgic and effortless, willing to sleep a little more on that comfy bed.
When my mind denies to step down my lotioned feet from that snuggly comfy bed.
I bleed when after a shower I get confused regarding my outfit with corresponding light accessories.
I bleed when the lift stops working and Boom !! you need to climb the stairs 😔which lead to salary deduction.
I bleed when my presentation gets worse. Though after drafting and developing all night and my eyed promotion get on another hand😞😞.
I bleed when after office I move to the flower shop and she replies, “sorry, there is NO orchid today”🎕🎕.
I bleed when tiredly with an ache I step back. And silence starts haunting me because there’s no-one else whom I could talk to and share with the expectation of getting a warm hug🤗.
I bleed when  I move to the kitchen to have something but just tears rolled down thinking of tasty scrumptious food cooked by mum.
And all of the important incessant and special I bleed when my fingertips get a place on my keyboard.
And words to start running on my veins thinking of addressing each of those thoughts that made my day or else  I fought to make my day.
Well, from the last 70 days the schedule is changed. I bleed only when the month hits me terribly. How to find self-fulfillment?
I’m enjoying my bed tea with each sip of fragrance ginger flavor, yummy palatable food. And yeah, my tears are no more there as I’m enjoying my Lockdown with her( my queen)💕👩.
Before getting back. In that turbulent cat race of conquering the world and getting bleed with unrevealed thoughts have some time with family👪👫.
And I’m the one who bleeds every day!!
Keep loving, living, and sharing !! How to relieve stress?
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