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He-Him-His struggles to express the feelings !!

Don’t let his silence be the source of evils.”

Why it’s always Strong Men and Caring Women ?? Caring men and Strong women can’t be ?? Men are always been taught their certain aspects of personality are not acceptable, why?

Negative, hollow, and insignificant stereotypes about boys are prevailing. And teaching them “to hold their emotions secretly” or “to cry privately” where only he can listen, his unwhispered voice.

We often hear women are the victims and males are the culprits but actually, it’s not always true. The other side is still there.

It’s our fault that we have created this society. In such a way, that woman feels as though they have particular stereotypes to live up to and males have the key button to unlock.

But if we consider the present scenario, we can see both sides of the pillar are affected equally, in a way or otherwise. A note of HER.


Every time topics related to her gets an elevated level. But his issues, always hidden and ignored as they don’t exist. Women are forced to believe being feminine is the key to happiness. And men are the ones, supposed to unlock that key.

We live in a society where every one of us encourages the think of “boys don’t cry, you are not supposed to hold the feelings, they should be strong, and many more.” As if girls and women hold the license – pre-existing license to cry, victimized, torment, and a lot.

Have we ever asked what each of them wants from their life ?? – NO because this question doesn’t fit here.

From an early age, society teaches them to be strong, physical, and rigid with a belief that their dominance over women is biologically based.

If we agree or not that doesn’t make any sense !! Deep down the reason for evils that we scroll on social media accusing him is the outcome of such education. That we drilled on their innocent mind. UnrevealedThoughts

Emotional tears and feeling fluctuation are considered feminine things. But that is not true actually. They are often told to hold their emotion, insecurities, and to be self-reliant. Doesn’t matter how tough is the situation or how blank he is feeling.

Holding back tears can have a negative effect on boys leading them to “bottle up” regarding their feelings. And eventually, they will stop seeking helping hands which will lead to depression.

The one who never addresses his feeling is stressing looking at the increased statistics of his’ suicide that one is we !!

The feeling exists,

It’s true that a man’s capacity for feelings and emotional expression is completely different. But it would be wrong to say they simply don’t exist.

They exist as soon as they get birth !! They exist when they cry on their mother’s lap and while arguing for things they need. But suddenly we compel them to be rigid, a man with no tears-no feelings-no emotions !!

Unlike girls, we never encouraged boys to express their feeling, sensitive sides, their blankness because all of this would have tagged them as #Weak.

That’s the reason they develop their own coping mechanism, around their same circle where they have no idea of dealing with feelings, consent, respect. Suicidal Ideation of the night.

They grow up in a complex environment, where their feeling and insecurities are never addressed which ultimately have altered their mindset and future behave too.

Therefore, it’s high time to think about HE-HIM-HIS and all the males around us. Encourage them to accept the fluctuation they feel is normal. They can be weak, blank, unoccupied, rejected, hollow. Teach them, they are allowed to fail rather than telling “be a man”, if we really want to decrease the male suicide ratio.

Unlike females, males need a lot of time to get in touch with their emotions. So, let’s give them time to accept their base and their vulnerability.

Actually, it’s not only the problem, but it has also been a norm-a tradition. That we follow blindly asking them to be as masculine as they can. Instead of allowing them to feel their feeling, understand the rejection, and respect the consent.

Let’s create a comfortable situation.

Where we can address every feeling, emotion irrespective of gender. And without the fear of judging because neither the violence nor the suicide has gender. Love-Like-Lust.

Tell, every male being a man makes no difference on feelings, they can be open book and write their own story of existence. Don’t care about judging minds and fraudulent hypocritic thoughts. And also, they cannot be the provider, stop nagging.

Respect each other thoughts, consent, feeling, and emotions.

Keep loving, living, and sharing !! (Profile.)


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  • Name

    And a girl is writing this. Salute.
    But somewhere I feel that, this is how men are. We are not been set like that by the society. Lets not put the blame on society as if it has set the rules based in gender. But, this depends person to person. A lot of women still can hold back their stories and many of the men shares their encounters.
    Keep posting Sidhi.

  • Sadie

    This is absolutely taught by society. I mean, think of the poets of say Lord Byron’s time, they were all emotional messes writing weepy poety. That was one of the gender ideals of the time. So, yes, it’s taught. So it can be untaught. Let’s move toward that, less rigid gender roles.

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