• Relationships

    Love or Attachment?

    Sometimes “ No feeling” is a complete feeling and “ letting go of someone” is a complete journey. You can’t ask someone to be with you just because you say “ I love you” and the reason is you like their presence in your cozy environment. Furthermore, attachment is not Love, it’s better to call emotional torture where you end up detaching yourself. These words are meaningless without emotional-physical acceptances and so on.   Are you in LOVE with your partner or just ATTACHED to them ??       “The root cause of suffering in relationship can be          Attachment.” There is a diminutive difference between love and…

  • Life Style

    Changing priorities with Time !!

    “At the end of the day,you’re your longest commitment.”   Changing priorities with time !! Sometimes I feel there should be made a public announcement, mentioning your friends are not ignoring you. UnrevealedThoughts       They might be struggling with themselves. I don’t know it just me or happens with everyone, whenever I get a call from a friend or make a call after a long gap, the conversation initiates with, hey! you forget me, wait are you ignoring my text.     Or what if you are dating someone ?? and this is something that I really really hate always. What is the real age of Maturity?     We call…


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