How Can You Make 2021 Different?
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How Can You Make 2022 Different?

Are YOU the one who is Living every Next Year without any memories? If so, then Spice up your LIFE and make this year Significant and historic. Because I’m here with “How Can You Make 2022 Different?”

Well, before drowning slightly in “How Can You Make This Year Different?”, I would like to wish my Readers,

“A Happy Prosperous New Year. “

“Dear Universe,
I’m ready to walk on the divine process of achievement.”

It has been a few days since we stepped in 2022, after a long challenging year. The pandemic Life we survived was not easy though, the hope for best emerges as soon the New Year arrived and the New Year Text notification POP-UP. No wonder, 2021 was a slightly tough year for every one of us.

But, before making visions for 2022, I request you to recall every here and now moment whether it’s inspiring or colorless, or cataloging. Take a major throwback to realize the year has given to us, adding, deplorable phase.

Just a few days have been passed and we started highlighting the calendar with colossal hope for a fresh start and to improve things. And Yeah, the COVID-19 vaccine.

I guess many of us end up making the same old kind of resolution and the same bucket list. – Or probably, you added a few things just because of the pandemic. Yet, we often fail to make an epochal breakthrough.

However, we still carry an ambiguous hope telling this time will be different – ( actually, there was a phase where this one used to be my major Excuse. Making a list, schedule, and numerous resolutions that often used to be only on my skull.)

Every Year we carry the same old resolution, pledge. And yet, the outcome is Zero. But, it’s high time, you should realize it’s probably not going to happen unless you find some prominent ways to make it happen.

While there’s nothing wrong with being hopeful but the fact is hope alone is not enough. We need to take a step and on a serious note. UnrevealedThought

New Year acts as a motivator to start something new, -to kick-start the ride or to take a small step ahead that is wholly aiming for ourselves first.

Therefore, it’s time to accept the weakness that is letting us not achieve in its real sense and to move forward addressing both ways.

If you are really willing to make 2022 better then invest yourself completely to ensure that failure and losing yourself is a thing of the past.

So, let’s not look back at the pandemic year, 2020 and 2021. Because these year has been worse for all of us in a way or otherwise but the thing is we shouldn’t make its excuse for not getting the vision.

And that’s going to happen only if you let your positive thoughts bloom with the touch of self-belief. Self Care, The ultimate guide.

Only, if you consciously make the choice to listen to your inner craving rather than the one you post on the social platforms. And only, if you identify your weakness with the pledge that you actually required.

The problem I find is, we pin all our hopes and needs unnecessarily without realizing the actual missing. It’s not like the thing we pin on top of the list is needless. But the thing is a priority matter that can be identified only if you realize the actual requirement. So, here today I’m with the ways to make your 2022 different than the last year.

  • New Year = A Fresh New Start.

This is needed for all of us after the pandemic. And fortunately, we can celebrate our New Year with a fresh new beginning.

Hold on, I’m not talking about the new pledge and resolution or attaining your incomplete goals – that’s even better. But here, I’m talking about the intentions and resolution to make that can be acceptable and affordable rather than creating the challenges that just limit on your note or skull.

No wonder, the resolution is frustrating but that’s just because of pining the unnecessary and unrealistic one.

  • Learn From Past.

We try to forget the things that actually happened in past but yet, I won’t say “not to turn the page back” because sometimes that’s way more required to realize the reason behind the failure than unwillingly we accepted.

But the remainder, “Don’t let your past dictate the future.” Don’t let your potential be filled with doubt rather than belief. Cultivate the Compassion.

  • Make Small Changes.

The main problem with the resolution and pledge or else anything we decide is that they are too ambitious. A vague one. If you just keep on making a resolution and daunting targets, no wonder, you get depressed if you won’t make it happen.

And a soul gets more depressed if you lose yourself entirely. Therefore, focus on small, realistic, acceptable, and affordable significant ones. And, make that happen this year by choosing the required one first.

  • Be Full Of Positive Thoughts.

Thoughts come and go like clouds but some turn to be the tempest ones. However it is, a positive one is the most effective and prominent way to move forward letting every negative behind.

The way of your thinking tells a lot about you and your visions which also includes your mental status. And for a long run of battle to win, positivity and consistency are required.

  • Learn From Mistakes.

Mistakes, think the last one you made even if that was the minor one. And the consequences that resulted afterward and the learning that you gained.

We are humans and we make mistakes but just don’t repeat the same error otherwise surely, you will be in danger. Own your mistake, analyze it, and bind yourself with never repeating one with a lesson from each mistake.

Accepting the fact makes your life a lot easier !!

  • Create a Vision Board and Start using Planner.

Vision Board actually tells what you want into your life – be creative and make it. And, planning is the tool that organizes your every task. Don’t forget to Review !!

The points that I mentioned, seem like nothing new and that is true but it’s the points that we often ignore thinking a lot to carry. Meanwhile, you have no idea about the basic ones.

After the Nationwide Lockdown, even I was clueless regarding my current job unfortunately, I don’t have it right now. I got frustrated after some point of time staying all alone being around social media but these small points helped me a lot to start my every morning with a new vibe and that was inspiring.

That’s the ultimate reason I shared these things with you to make your coming days better because we have no clue what is going to happen in the next few minutes. So, it’s great to surround yourself with the positive vibe and inspiring thought of starting freshly after every loss.

There’s no need to bring expired energy from past chapters into your new ones unless the energy excites you. Simply, trust your path and it will lead straight to it. Something amazing is about to fill all the empty spaces in your life – relationship too !!

Soon, you will be walking on the path of your dreams. Once again, Happy 2022.

Keep Loving, living, and sharing!! UnrevealedThoughts Feel free to drop your points, Instagram.

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  • Lia

    My goals are always so vague lol that’s why I quit making resolutions. I’ve struggled with vision boards for a while now. But this was a great informative post.

    • Sidhi

      I Understand your point because once I used to be same but with time and self-believe i turned myself on making resolution that’s realistic and actually I need. Glad You Liked the Post:) Keep on Visiting Dear LIA.

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