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Suicidal Ideation of the Night.

Thoughts are never-ending, like never and ever.💭💭
Suicidal ideation
Thoughts of the suicidal night !!
And the most screwed up thing is when those late-night🌆 thoughts start hitting you in the day-light🌄. UnrevealedThoughts
I wish I could have the OFF button. For controlling my thoughts and letting them fly as per my ambition and paroxysm. 
There is a dark side of the night like the obscure part. Where the mind wents to war with pros, cons, and the craving( our lavish wants).
And most decisions are made on the spilled light of the moon.🌔
Do you ever wake at night staring at those blankless and effortless ceiling?
Probably thinking about your life’s kinds of stuff?
I Do !! Yeah, I do, thinking of feelings and something like a hidden embracement of life.
But the last night mind and heart refused to make the pleasuring night in the war field.
And just a thought comes up strongly on my over analyzing head.
Let me get back a little and explain to you the thoughts of suicidal night📑📑, How to relieve stress?
Whenever night hunts me or likes nauseous. I just stare at my ceiling where I had patched numerous readymade shining and twinkling stars, moon, planets, and many more.🌃
It’s like my first fantasy to sleep under an open sky.
Staring that collection of stars around one moon as like they are eagerly waiting for someone to tell their unrevealed meaningful story.
And me, I feel as I wouldn’t get tired of listening to the same tittle-tattle of stars.
And staring at the same sky every time with different creations.
As it’s hard to sleep under the open sky every night but though it’s my first fantasy.
I thought to create my ceiling as the colorful sky and even I did.
It was obvious I used to have my night staring at the self-made sky.
But suddenly, last night my eyes stuck upon the ceiling fan between those stars and one moon.
A thought arose and took a place on my mind strongly. Like “NO installation of ceiling fan literally could help on reducing the suicide ratio”. (suicidal ideation)
As I will be able to think, once again within a second a thought grabbed the place. Actually, that was the realization. A realization against the natural phenomena.🌄
How can I ask nature not to give birth to your wonderful creation? Because we are there to end it rather than making a comfortable situation. Where every birth can grow and grow happily. As they deserve it even where that ceiling fan fails.
“NO installation is not the solution it just one minor thought which has no further existence.
Because as SUICIDE is not the solution to problems similarly, NO installation is also not the solution for Suicide. (Suicidal ideation)
And thoughts of suicidal ideation (night) should be addressed.
Actually, we all need to move a step ahead joining our hands-on creating a comfortable situation for every birth of nature to grow and grow under this open SKY.
Let’s create a colorful SKY, being a Good Listener with a blend of Patient and acceptance for someone’s flaws with No judgment. 😊
Let’s make time for each other and talk about each other fluctuating thoughts. With the acknowledgment of self-hating thoughts rather than encouraging the hate thoughts.😊😊
Ask for help with your closed one or else professional help where your privacy is mainstream rather than making your thoughts a pillar heading to the ceiling fan.
Let’s join the hands with a condition to create a comfortable place to grow every birth🤝🤝
Lastly, stay safe and try to connect with each other, or else you can contact me through my email or can text me on my Instagram 🔗🔗 a Facebook page named @Unrevealed thoughts.
For more please go through this link, UnrevealedThoughts
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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