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Become an ally for equality.

Ally for equality, this is a huge phrase. Offering to help, or pay, or behaving gently in the name of chivalry is not becoming an ally. These are the very minimum possession for yourself not for anyone. Presently, I don’t think we need the clarification considering the male stakes all over the world treating females as inferior in one or other ways. And, naming the bare minimum of inclusivity as becoming an ally to equality is the most hypocritical thing ever heard.

We witness the dominating nature of each other irrespective of gender. We tend to blame each other when a problem arises. Pointing fingers and making excuses is the new trend that we are following to escape from the reality and productivity. In this scenario, expecting the helping hands of male counterparts to become an ally is questionable. And, the spike in question rises more because of the underlying inequality.

an ally for equality.

the depth,

I heard men saying, women live sedentary lives, what’s the help they need in that? Frankly, no one here enjoys the seated lives. This has been demonstrated long ago by defining the gender roles dominating the female group. And honestly, this ingrained mindset is the reason behind discriminative behavior and increasing violence. From celebrating the birth of males to contributing to the subservient role of females, females are asked to obey and mourn every assault they face.

Contemplation makes me believe, that it’s a long incessant journey. We cannot be dependent on others’ conduct. And, if we believe in equality, we have to acknowledge the higher pedestal for one gender over the other. We have to understand, that the threaded behavior in the names of culture and tradition is inferior. Therefore, it’s time to align for achieving every his/her complexity as superiority. For promoting self-worth and for the ability to determine by their own choice without underpinning with orthodox belief. Learning to loveyourself.

the change,

The growing number of allies for equality is emerging however they feel easy. Because safe space to bloom and flourish is what we collectively determine except for some robbed. The table discussion is going around promoting equality and also, the momentary days like IWD are gaining popularity. But despite this revolution, females are still facing discrimination and violence in every corner. This shows the graph of implemented action is still low in comparison to the framed policies. Because maybe the action is policing the male superiority to shine more. From celebrating the birth of males to contributing to the subservient role of females, females are asked to obey and mourn every assault they face.

And do not be mistaken, equality is not something that men of your place will grant or offer. This is not like giving permission instead, the female should be aware of the tap of equal access and demand rightly. Because as a society, we cannot progress until every individual has equal accessibility. Together we can play longer and significantly.

MEN can help,

Here are the key ways males can be great allies in the collective effort for equality ending discrimination and violence. Unrevealed Thoughts

  • Speak up, If you witness someone speaking about women in a derogatory way, point them out for that. The argument is not the solution but the discussion with resources can help you. If in case you’re listening without objecting thinking that’s not your thought is your thought. Silence supports the wrong statement.
  • Safe listening space, There’s a huge need for a safe space to listen to each other. This is an experience-based, expert panel, or anything that supports females in growth.
  • Do not stare, catcall, or whistle, The gifted sense of females notices when men stare or catcall at us in the street. And, we often ignore and rush back home. If you notice your friend staring at women, call them out on it.
  • Educate yourself, Educate yourself means understanding and practicing the consent along with being updated with other social issues around the globe.
  • Stand against the violence, violence never identifies the gender but still, the percentage of domestic violence against females is marking a new graph every day. Examine yourself and the mentality of people around you. Never justify the evil because you have some kind of relation with them. Stand against violence and rape culture.
  • Hold each other accountable, Stop assuming and defending. You can help by being accountable to each other, by calling out to them, and making sure whatever they did is wrong. Don’t let them go because it’s the very first time.

the last word,

This is simply a modification in the behavior. Unfortunately, this is hard for people to understand. And, if this accountability seems complicated for you, remember that women are forced to change their routes because of the fear you have created. So, it’s high time to acknowledge the inappropriate thoughts and behavior. Point out the fake male feminist who tries to align with you to hide the cape of sexism in his behavior. Is male privilege real?

But the toxic masculine energy still prevails stopping her. Therefore, it’s high time you guys should point out such toxic masculine energy by questioning every specific reaction. Besides this, the very minimum contribution you can make to uplift is,

  • Celebrate each other accomplishments,
  • Advocate for women’s leadership and equality.
  • Encourage women to choose the spotlight she desires,
  • Participate in women’s advocacy.

Holding themselves back for years is what females are doing. It’s simple action each day of ours that will promote women’s rights and the right to bodily autonomy. Begin the conversation and join hands from your sides because the females are not inferior. And, we can be an ally for equality.

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