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Flawless Beauty: Be Yourself.

Your ultimate guide to a flawless beauty is you, just YOU !!

flawless beauty

Hey, why don’t you straighten your curls, trust me! it will suit you. 

God, you are still the same … don’t you eat anything, dude get a bubbly personality.

Why don’t you try home remedies your skin tone will be helped.

Uff, Man eat less you are getting fat more and more….…….….….. and so on.

It won’t be stopped never and ever. UnrevealedThoughts

The society, whose taunts, scoffs never gave me the courage to trust me is expecting me to trust in other’s annotation, how fair is that??🤔🤔 

But eventually, we start trusting with the blur aim of getting a stand on their definition of beauty. Actually, it’s not your and my mistake, it’s the mistake of pre-existing thought of people passing from you and me without the fear of signal. And if you contemplate they even don’t know where exactly it has arrived?

We all are blindfolded by the image of perfection in our minds that we missed the beauty of our own bodies. We run after so-called flawless beauty.

I’m sure there is a phase in everyone’s life where they hate themselves or their appearance. Because they are unable to fit into society’s box. Surely, your friends or relatives or cousin have commented on you. And depending on that meaningless comments you started working on yourself from lathering fairness cream on closed doors to creating a fake image.

I understand it’s exhausting and arduous to love yourself when everyone around you is giving the reasons to hate your every little imperfection.

I remembered when I was asked to be an ideal face they suggested me, have a broad forehead, full curvy lips, small chin, small nose, perfect jawline. And most importantly fair skin and unfortunately, there I got fail……!!

You know we all forget that “ How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you”. And this society thinks they are fair in their theory of underlined definition of beauty. But NO, their so-called theory is compelling an innocent soul to make an unexpected journey up to ceiling fan and something more like that.

Well, looking at the present hypothetical situation I would suggest don’t even try to recognize their so-called perspective. It would be better if you start ignoring them. And accepting your flaws rather than pointing a question mark on your self-appearance. Relationship: The millionaire one.

I’m brown, fair brown and genuinely I think I don’t match with the ideal face type but it doesn’t matter to me anymore. I crossed that phase of taunts and derision with learning that beauty can’t be defined. As everyone has their own kind and so do I. And the wisest thing I can do is BE ON MY OWN SIDE leaving the negatives sounds far behind.

Frankly speaking, it’s not only a matter of flawless beauty. But it’s also the matter of someone judging you based on your appearance where your caliber is worthless for them. And the most pathetic thing is you choose the way of proving them wrong..?

Why it’s so much important to prove them wrong, who they are ??

Just some loud chirping birds in the green environment. It’s quite enough better to ignore them and flush the idea of proving them wrong. And start proving yourself that you can achieve your deadline and eyed promotion.

You can’t ask someone not to be judgemental or appreciate you when the magazine has already decided ONE IDEAL body type for all. I understand, there remains merely a few things to love about yourself when there is the definition of ideal body type. But it doesn’t mean that you are less. Your imperfection body is less than those ideal body types whose hidden scars just screamed in the dark.

Don’t forget you are more worthy than those whimpering sounds.

You just need, A box of self LOVE to see how amazing you are with a brown face and small breast with curve line and unpainted nails, much more than just a reflection in the mirror. How to relieve stress?

Don’t hurt your body trying to change. And alter rather than understanding the meaning of that curve line who always tried a lot to protect and nourish you.🤗

You need to find the courage to love YOURSELF so much that everyone else’s aversion gets pointless !! 

Make someone smile every day but don’t forget you are also SOMEONE who needs to be a smile.😊😊  

Be the friend of your soft curve line no matter how imperfect it is or how dark you are, you are the beauty of your own kind. With patience accept your flaws and belief you are “BEAUTIFUL” trust me the words of society, friends, and relatives won’t affect you !!

“Everything is inside your peaceful body, try to read your meaningful art.” You are already a flawless beauty, feel proud.

Please check out this link: UnrevealedThoughts

Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!


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