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How to relieve stress?

Relieve stress
“It sounds weird, but stress has been a regular diet for our brain.”
Unfortunately, stress has been an incessant part of our life. That’s the reason, I came up with this post considering ways to relieve stress. ( How to relieve stress .)
And it seems it is essential for survival. As it becomes an unavoidable outcome of our daily busy schedule. So we need to think about, ways to relieve stress !!
No wonder there is always at least one reason to get stressed. At the end of the day, it’s just because when we can’t cope with a specific thought, event, or anything like that we name it “stress”.
It has been a natural and common feeling to be stressed. In fact, it’s really really hard to find a person who is not stressed. But sometimes these stress are so benevolent to us. They can be a motivator and help to meet our work deadline. Or just make us aware and responsive from any not pertinent act.
However, the ignorance of it can be detrimental, hurtful, and can lead to depression. UnrevealedThoughts
The situation we are confronting now is against our yearning. In fact, we had never thought “there will be a virus called COVID-19” which will lock down the whole world and will take the lives of many innocent souls.
Lockdown compelled us to stay inside and maintain social distancing. Quarantine: A Big Break.


Relieve stress
“It’s not the LOCKDOWN that is making you stress
it’s the way you carry it.”
It’s natural to feel frustrated, perturbed, irritability, and so on in this condition which in some way, results in stress. 
And because the situation is against us doesn’t mean that we have to be stressed. Might be the storm is letting you get down, the thing we all need to understand is don’t let that storm destroy your mental and physical health.
If you are looking for advice to help you with stress, then for sure SELF-HELP is something that’s important for you all with a positive vibe.
Besides that, we can go for many things like meditation, therapy. But for all this, you need to stay positive. And need to help yourself because untreated stress can get worse and can cause depression in a person’s life.
If you are really looking forward to the tips to cope with anxiety & stress during Lockdown, then please have look at,

The following tips or the ways to relieve stress. 

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Meditation and rest

Relieve stress
  As per research, 
meditation and yoga can help you more resilient to stress. And If you think a spa can help you to get rid of the stress you may visit but it gonna be quite expensive to try. And don’t ignore the proper nap.

Live the moment


Live the present and be in the present. The more you start spending time and enjoying the moment and focus on your senses, you will feel less tense. And stop living to please others.


“Fight stress with balanced diet”
Consume nutrition and a healthy balanced diet as per an organized schedule which is essential for one to be healthy and get rid of stress. Reduce your caffeine intake found in coffee, tea, chocolate. High consumption can increase anxiety.

Realize yourself 

    Give time to realize yourself and react as per that situation. Indulge yourself first and then you will have things to impart. Stop playing the blame and victim games and try not to jump over the conclusion.

Be familiar
       Spend time with friends and family. Well, this one is quite impossible due to lockdown but thanks to the creator, we have social media. Being a part of a friend network and regularly in touch gives you a sense of belonging which will definitely help you in tough times.

ways to relieve stress
” The relationship can relieve stress and boost your overall health.”
 If you are in a relationship enjoy the time of being in a relationship.
As per research, cuddling, hugging, kissing and intimacy can help to relieve stress.
Don’t let stress and anxiety damage your personal connection. Try to help each other if any of you are stressed.
There are not perfect tips for managing stress except self-care and even that is not possible until and unless you practice it.
If you dig deeper, you will acknowledge the stress we are facing is not work stress, in fact, it’s the stress of not having work and being locked, no outing, and no friends.
Stress has advantages and disadvantages. And there is no growth without stress. So find a way to control and reduce it effectively. Or else search your own ways to drive out stress. UnrevealedThoughts.
Keep Loving, Living, and Sharing!!

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