• The passion of a young girl to choose the desired spotlight by all her hardwork.
    Her Journey

    The Reality: Me and Spotlight.

    The presence of a soul in the spotlight is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s another Year, Yet, my combat is on the initial phase, the dissenting one. Dates changed, the hashtag of New Year-New Me is there on my wall. But the thing that’s still the same is my battle. One-sided battle to make every “YOU” understand “let me bloom…!” (The Reality: Me and Spotlight.”) New Year acts as a motivator. The things gonna change and asking to be hopeful but that’s even irrelevant for the soul who’s fighting the same war for the last 22 years. It may gonna sound wretched and kind of dismal-but the hope for change is…

  • Her Journey

    What does it feel to be Harassed?

    Thoughts come and go – like clouds but some turn to be tempest – like a storm. It’s not necessary to visit the rough patch for getting thoughts – the intense one !! (What does it feel to be Harassed?) You can get it just by sitting on your couch holding your favorite drink. Or else, all of sudden on the silent night or busy and loud hulking night. It holds the power of changing your whole perception towards a particular thing-incident or else a person. And, the word harassed or assaulted is the one. Thoughts are the statement that we generate from our brain and feelings are the emotions…


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