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    How to figure out Splitting Bills?

    With people, there are different perceptions when it comes to splitting the bills.  I have seen people dependent upon their partner while some touched with the chapter of equality trying to bring change. Whether, it’s an engaged relationship, friendship, or just the normal hangout, there remains the term partnership. And, as you’re involved in that relationship of partnership, both parties need to be involved in the finance. I know, this seems quite perplexing for the instant moment as we are not normalized by this culture. But honestly, splitting bills is drama-free. Unrevealed Thoughts There’s a particular topic that seems to get arise whenever we are on a date or just…

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    Have you got frenemies?

        “It’s better to choose ENEMY than FRENEMY” I think most of us have at least one or more. It’s like every one of us have frenemies in our life. UnrevealedThoughts Before digging and getting deeper into the content, Have you ever realized exactly when you can define anything without typing on the search box?   It’s the time when you have strong experience in something relevant probably, you don’t need a Google search box, and frenemy is similar to that. Unfortunately, we were far apart from realizing it, though we all have at least frenemies in our life.   Well, if it comes to the definition of this portmanteau…

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    How to find self-fulfillment?

    It took me 18 long years to realize “self-fulfillment is quite important than perfection” in its true sense. Well, I’m quite more than that 18.                          But you need to find a way of self-fulfillment !!   “The purpose of your life is to be happy. And it is possible only if you are satisfiedDo what makes your(heart)💗 exuberant and satisfied.”   “Happiness results when you are satisfied and you get satisfied when you stop judging and complaining” From very early, I mean school time we have been taught satisfaction matters. Because no one is perfect in this world,…


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