• Dysfunctional Family.
    Life Style

    Dysfunctional family: Growing up in a dysfunctional family.

    Whenever she shares the sip of caffeine validating the whole universe under the twinkling sky, the conversation ends with, “Why my family is dysfunctional?” She’s filled with trepidation about visiting home. And tired of facing the same regular endless arguments that end on the blame game. Actually, sometimes….the loud scene!! The Reality: Me and Spotlight Are you filled with the dread thought of going home? Or, else you feel neglected around your own people, kind of unaddressed fear, furious one…!! It seems everyone claims to be from a dysfunctional family. (The short brief of Her is explained here.) And the rest of the souls are wondering trying to win the…

  • Self Help

    How to find self-fulfillment?

    It took me 18 long years to realize “self-fulfillment is quite important than perfection” in its true sense. Well, I’m quite more than that 18.                          But you need to find a way of self-fulfillment !!   “The purpose of your life is to be happy. And it is possible only if you are satisfiedDo what makes your(heart)💗 exuberant and satisfied.”   “Happiness results when you are satisfied and you get satisfied when you stop judging and complaining” From very early, I mean school time we have been taught satisfaction matters. Because no one is perfect in this world,…


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