• Spice up your Relationship.

    How to spice up your Relationship?

    Relationship, it’s not only having the butterflies in the stomach or having fluttering heart just to ponder with every inch of each other. Even, it’s not about the souls struggling with the reasons to connect, that ends over the wrinkled sheets hiding the vacillation of the relationship couple. It’s not just a feeling or bond that you share from the invigorating rays to snuggly under the sympathetic spilled light moon. It’s something swinging and driving towards blooming with full of commitment, understanding, and the presence of that loyal vibe to find a way to connect with each other yet, self-awareness is elevated. No wonder, there comes a time in any…

  • Personal Development

    5 Reasons, Why being Highly Sensitive Is Actually Good?

    People often dislike being sensitive, they think they are being weak. But they are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. Scroll down to read, the 5 reason for being highly sensitive is actually good. Identifying your real feeling is an important step in overcoming emotional sensitivity. Determine what you are feeling exactly in your term and once you labeled your emotion – your feeling, you will be able to uncover the reason for being this way !! There’s no perfect. And if you found the reasons for being sensitive, then relax – it’s not bad to be sensitive as addressing is far better than letting it…

  • Relationships

    Love or Attachment?

    Sometimes “ No feeling” is a complete feeling and “ letting go of someone” is a complete journey. You can’t ask someone to be with you just because you say “ I love you” and the reason is you like their presence in your cozy environment. Furthermore, attachment is not Love, it’s better to call emotional torture where you end up detaching yourself. These words are meaningless without emotional-physical acceptances and so on.   Are you in LOVE with your partner or just ATTACHED to them ??       “The root cause of suffering in relationship can be          Attachment.” There is a diminutive difference between love and…


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