• Ally for equality.
    Self Help

    Become an ally for equality.

    Ally for equality, this is a huge phrase. Offering to help, or pay, or behaving gently in the name of chivalry is not becoming an ally. These are the very minimum possession for yourself not for anyone. Presently, I don’t think we need the clarification considering the male stakes all over the world treating females as inferior in one or other ways. And, naming the bare minimum of inclusivity as becoming an ally to equality is the most hypocritical thing ever heard. We witness the dominating nature of each other irrespective of gender. We tend to blame each other when a problem arises. Pointing fingers and making excuses is the…

  • Happiness.
    Personal Development

    Happiness: To be in a Happy Book.

    They say, Inhale your Future and Exhale your Past, if you want to live a happy life. And, this is the frequently calling chant to invite happiness and to feel happy. I believe in this chant and the thoughts associated with it. Despite this, sometimes it feels nothing is working in my favor. And, I’m sure, many of us face this befuddled situation questioning on, “What Happiness is?” I’m one among you and, I understand the agonization of people over this question for centuries. I have seen people debating this and defining their definition of Happiness. They share their life experiences yet feel insufficient and sophisticated. The pursuit of Happiness…

  • Compassion: Cultivate the compassion you need!
    Self Help

    Compassion: Cultivate the compassion you need!!

    Oxford Dictionary describes Compassion as “Sympathetic pity and concern for the Misfortune of others.” The mind of people perceives the word compassion as empathy, sympathy, pity, concern, and many more that belong to the feeling associated with others. But, compassion is way more than that. It’s not about other’s misfortune, it’s rather an action on that feeling. People can feel the pain & suffering of others but there are very few who understand the pain and put themselves in the place of suffering’s one. But let’s not talk about Compassion as a physical or mental concept. Let’s take it to the Spiritual level. It’s not always about understanding the feeling. It…

  • Personal Development

    You are not everyone’s CUP of Tea !!

    “Live your Life on your Own.”   Because you are not here to sort out all the complicated threads !! Don’t forget- You are not everyone’s cup of tea.   I have been judged, not once or thrice. Actually, I can’t count on my fingertips and that’s not depressing anymore as I can’t, in fact, I don’t accept to be everyone’s CUP of tea. Have you got frenemies?   And I put forward the same theory in front of you all, especially this coming generation.💭 I acknowledge that we all love being liked, loved-loved a lot, needed, admired, and so on. But it doesn’t mean that with whom we are sharing our…

  • Self Help

    How to find self-fulfillment?

    It took me 18 long years to realize “self-fulfillment is quite important than perfection” in its true sense. Well, I’m quite more than that 18.                          But you need to find a way of self-fulfillment !!   “The purpose of your life is to be happy. And it is possible only if you are satisfiedDo what makes your(heart)💗 exuberant and satisfied.”   “Happiness results when you are satisfied and you get satisfied when you stop judging and complaining” From very early, I mean school time we have been taught satisfaction matters. Because no one is perfect in this world,…