• Complicated Life
    Self Help

    Why is Life Complicated for you?

    The most complicated thing in life is to not feel complicated. In the same vein, the most complicated skill is to be simple. We live in a world where everything seems straight above forward but in reality, there’s inevitable change inviting sudden breakdown and collapse.    The problem arises naturally without knocking on your door. Meanwhile, solutions require our attention, cogitation, and acumen to decode them. Rightly, the problem arises but there are ways we actually make our life harder on ourselves. And, that is more often. Stretching is a common problem either it’s friendship band or the thread of prolonged conversation, we over-scrutinize. Life is simple. But often simple…

  • Relationships

    Love or Attachment?

    Sometimes “ No feeling” is a complete feeling and “ letting go of someone” is a complete journey. You can’t ask someone to be with you just because you say “ I love you” and the reason is you like their presence in your cozy environment. Furthermore, attachment is not Love, it’s better to call emotional torture where you end up detaching yourself. These words are meaningless without emotional-physical acceptances and so on.   Are you in LOVE with your partner or just ATTACHED to them ??       “The root cause of suffering in relationship can be          Attachment.” There is a diminutive difference between love and…

  • Personal Development

    What is the real age of Maturity?

    “Maturity doesn’t always come with the age of 18, In fact, it’s deeper than age “ We often get the comment like “Be Man” or “Grow Up” on our acts, behave or on the talk which directly indicates that they are telling us to be “Mature”. But if you think deeper, I am sure you will definitely find out that Maturity has nothing to do with the age bar because some may be mature enough at 10, and others can only be at 20 or even more than that. Therefore, it’s not about the 18+ rather it’s all about how you perceive and understand things. UnrevealedThoughts It’s all about how…


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