• Happiness.
    Personal Development

    Happiness: To be in a Happy Book.

    They say, Inhale your Future and Exhale your Past, if you want to live a happy life. And, this is the frequently calling chant to invite happiness and to feel happy. I believe in this chant and the thoughts associated with it. Despite this, sometimes it feels nothing is working in my favor. And, I’m sure, many of us face this befuddled situation questioning on, “What Happiness is?” I’m one among you and, I understand the agonization of people over this question for centuries. I have seen people debating this and defining their definition of Happiness. They share their life experiences yet feel insufficient and sophisticated. The pursuit of Happiness…

  • Birthday celebration
    Life Style

    Birthday: One week before the yearly Celebration.

    She is knocking the door of her early twenties. With the package of excitement which is even more than the last year. She wants to celebrate it in a marvelous way. Something like lavish and elegant. So that at the end of the celebration, she can upload numerous of her pictures with bold and classy captions. Don’t miss the thrilling hashtags. UnrevealedThoughts The craving for a grand celebration took the place on the same day where she concluded her last birthday celebration with a family gathering – like a small fest, pictures, and captions. But wait, last year she forgot to put the hashtags. Sounds comical, right? – But actually…


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