• Life Style

    February: The Month of Love.

    The atmosphere ideally tells it’s the month of love, February, as soon the sun of January turns into the moonlight night. There always remain certain things that mark a year and imprint each month with something meaningful. Even though, February is just another month – But it’s the month of Love and Romance, historically marked I guess. February, the month of comforting cold with love and romance to warm up your exuberant heart and soul. It’s the month where we celebrate Valentine’s Day. By emphasizing the distinctive connection that made our lives meaningful by lightening the darkness and settling the storm. No wonder, those who are in Love will put…

  • Her Journey

    How to cope when you’ve been told you are ugly?

    You are not UGLY, you just look like yourself !! It’s necessary to cope when you have been told you are ugly. Let go of the illusion that makes you believe in other’s opinions. Everyone is beautiful in their own way is the most common response you get, whenever you broach the subject of beauty. Meanwhile, deep down everyone gets jealous staring at those cover pages of magazines that are almost featured by fair definition of beauty and its standards. Fair-who defined the definition of fair? and what exactly it looks like? It’s pre-existing thought of people passing from you and me without the fear. And if you contemplate, no…


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